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Working principle of activated carbon adsorption Tower for odor control system

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     odor control device activated carbon adsorption box for VOCs treatment


           What's in the drawer type activated carbon adsorption box?

     The essence of activated carbon adsorption is to use the characteristics of activated carbon adsorption to adsorb organic solvents in low-concentration and high-volume exhaust gas into activated carbon. The activated carbon adsorption method is mainly used for the removal of low-concentration gaseous pollutants.


        Working principle of drawer type activated carbon adsorption box

     The drawer type activated carbon adsorption box has unbalanced and unsaturated molecular gravitation or chemical bonding force on the solid surface of the activated carbon during the adsorption process, so when the solid surface is in contact with the gas, it can attract the gas molecules, make them concentrated and keep them in On solid surfaces, this phenomenon is called adsorption. Using the adsorption capacity of the solid surface, the exhaust gas is in contact with the porous solid material on the large surface, and the pollutants in the exhaust gas are adsorbed on the solid surface to separate it from the gas mixture to achieve the purpose of purification. After the organic waste gas passes through the air filter to remove the tiny suspended particles, it enters the adsorption box. After being adsorbed by the activated carbon in the box, harmful components are removed, and the purified gas that meets the emission standards is exhausted to the outside through the blower.


Internal structure and parameters of activated carbon adsorption box

     Drawer type activated carbon adsorption box product features

    ①High adsorption efficiency and strong capacity;

    ②The equipment has compact structure, small floor space, simple and convenient  maintenance and management, and low operating cost;

    ③Able to treat a variety of mixed organic waste gas at the same time;

    ④Use automatic control operation design, easy and safe operation;

    ⑤Fully enclosed type, can be used indoors and outdoors.

The drawer-type activated carbon adsorption box produced by Xicheng Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd., is mainly used for the treatment of organic waste gas with high air volume and low concentration; the activated carbon adsorbent can treat and purify a variety of organic and inorganic pollutants: benzene, ketones, alcohols, ethers, alkanes and Its mixed organic waste gas, acid waste gas, alkaline waste gas; mainly used in pharmaceutical, smelting, chemical, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, painting, shoemaking, rubber, plastics, printing and environmental protection desulfurization, deodorization and various industrial production Purification treatment of harmful waste gas generated in the workshop. A few typical industry applications of drawer activated carbon adsorption boxes are listed below.

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