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Why should the dust generated by industrial waste gas be treated? What are the hazards?

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Industrial waste gas sometimes produces not only organic waste gas, but also dust, and dust refers to solid particles that can be suspended in the air. Industrial dust will be accompanied by a large amount of particulate matter in pollutants such as metal ions and benzene. Therefore, it is necessary to treat industrial dust with waste gas treatment equipment.

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The hazards of industrial dust are multifaceted. It can affect the human body, production process, product quality, economic benefits, environment, natural scenery, and ecological balance. Its severity depends on the physical and chemical properties of industrial dust, the amount of dust and the surrounding dust source. Case.

1. Harm to the human body

If there is a large amount of dust in the workplace, workers in this environment will inhale a large amount of industrial dust when breathing. When the amount reaches a certain amount, it will cause respiratory diseases, fibrous lesions in lung tissue, and pneumoconiosis.

2. Harm to production

The impact of dust on production is mainly to reduce product quality and machine accuracy. Gundam exhaust gas treatment equipment introduces products such as photosensitive films, integrated circuits, chemical reagents, precision instruments and micro motors. If they are contaminated by dust or their rotating parts are worn or stuck, they will reduce their quality or even be scrapped. Some factories have suffered a lot of losses due to inadequate dust control of the production environment. Dust also reduces the illuminance and visibility, and affects the vision of indoor operations.

3. Harm to the atmosphere

A large amount of dust suspended in the air can cause other harmful substances to adhere to it, and inhalation can cause various corresponding diseases.

4. Cause explosion hazards

After the industrial dust reaches a certain concentration with the air, it will explode in a certain environment, directly endangering life. For example, the explosion in the Yancheng Chemical Plant this year was caused by the failure of the workshop dust to be dealt with in time.

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