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Why do you need a chemical scrubber?

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The purpose of chemical scrubbers is to treat chemical waste gas. Regardless of the process these chemicals are used in, they emit fumes that can be a hazard to the continued health of anyone in the building. Tank integrity may also be compromised due to prolonged exposure to chemical fumes. The worst effects of chemical fumes may be related to the environment. The level of damage done to the environment can vary and depends largely on the volume of chemicals reaching the environment and the type of chemicals used.


Chemical smog can linger in the environment for years, which can be harmful to the surrounding ecosystem and anyone who lives nearby. In high amounts, chemical fumes can enter the food chain and damage wildlife. It is because of the damaging effects of chemical fumes that federal regulations have imposed chemical discharge regulation. Violations of the regulations may face hefty fines and other legal responsibilities for serious consequences.

In most chemical storage situations, you will need to install a tank ventilation system. These systems can exhaust fumes generated through the following applications:

  • Pipeline Fluid Flow

  • Product filling

  • Standard Chemical Storage

  • dispensing

  • stirring, mixing, or some other type of stirring

  • Heating of tanks or chemical solutions

In order to properly discharge chemicals from the tank system, your exhaust pipe must be set to the correct diameter and needs to be open to the atmosphere. However, the standard exhaust system can only be used with non-corrosive and non-volatile chemicals. You should use a fume scrubber if you use or store chemicals that produce fumes in excess of federal regulatory limits. Some of the many chemicals that may require the use of a fume scrubber include:

  • ammonia

  • acetic acid

  • sulfuric acid

  • Nitric acid

  • sulfur dioxide

  • chlorine

  • hydrogen bromide

  • Nitrogen oxides

  • hydrochloric acid

  • silica

  • Phosphoric acid

  • bromine

  • Sodium hypochlorite

Even if you only use small amounts of these chemicals, acid scrubbers are necessary to effectively mitigate or remove harmful chemical fumes before they are released into the atmosphere. If your facility fails to comply with federal regulations regarding chemical releases, hefty fines can be imposed on anyone deemed responsible. Emissions of corrosive exhaust gases are strictly controlled in many countries, which is why chemical scrubbers are important.

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