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Why are scrubbers used?

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Air scrubber is a standard exhaust gas filtration system. Why do we need a scrubber?

We need to understand what is a scrubber, and how does it work?

Their technology can prevent pollutants' subsequent emission and is harmful to the atmosphere simultaneously as the sulfur emitted by ships. Capture this gas and use liquid to neutralize impurities.

Gas emissions

The impurity to be treated at all, the liquid can be water, chemical reagents or other alternatives. Nitrogen derivatives can be absorbed in acidic media, while sulfur derivatives can be removed in alkaline or oxidizing media. Even some very high concentrations do not require the use of chemical reagents in the washing process.

However, the result of liquid and gas contact is always the same: that is, the separation of pollutant molecules. This allows us to emit clean, non-toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Where do I need to use the scrubber?

Industrial production will produce various harmful gases, which will cause serious adverse effects on the human body and the natural environment. Protecting the natural environment, saving energy and reducing emissions are rules that every production company needs to follow.

Because the primary function is to purify acid gas, flammable gas, dust gas and toxic gas. Industrial production companies that produce harmful gases need to install and use air purification equipment.

Main types of industrial scrubbers

Wet scrubber, dry scrubber and electrostatic precipitator. When purchasing a scrubber, you need to choose the appropriate type according to your functional requirements.

Wet scrubber

Precautions for the use of scrubbers:

Any waste gas treatment equipment needs frequent maintenance and inspection to ensure its best use effect and prolong its life. Today, I will mainly look at the precautions for the use of scrubbers.

1. Please note that during the use of the sprinkler user service for one and a half to two years, repair, check the filling of the disk, the sprinkler tube and packaging, and clean it.

2. When we install the sprinkler, we must maintain the foundation built on concrete 150 mm above the ground and pay attention to the water pump, and the fan must follow the previous requirements for the concrete foundation.

3. When we should pay attention to when using the sprinkler, we should first turn on the circulating water pump for 2-3 minutes, start the blower, and stop the fan for 1 to 2 minutes after shutting down, and then stop the circulating pump.

4. When we transport and install the product, we should pay attention to the product's adequate protection so that the body and its parts should not be damaged.

5. If the sprinkler is used in winter, take anti-freezing measures for the tower's body parts at the bottom of the pool in winter.

6. When we learned in the sprinkler company to use segmented packaging and transportation according to the actual situation, technicians went to the site to install and work.

7. There is an accessory at the bottom of the equipment pool, which is marked to absorb liquid according to the fluid's previous use. Pay attention to supplement the absorption liquid during use.

8. We need to regularly check the acidity level of the tower body at the bottom of the liquid tank used and the exhaust gas purification and find that it exceeds the standard. The solution of the bottom absorption pool should be replaced immediately

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