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Where can polypropylene PP ventilation ducts be used?

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The pp air duct is made of thermal insulation air duct plate, which can be installed and manufactured on the construction site. It only needs to use a simple special tool, cut, glue and form, combine it with a special flange insert, and then seal it with sealant. The steel used for hoisting and The accessories are simple and light in weight. Therefore, the labor is less and the progress is fast, which is 2-3 times faster than the traditional installation, which saves labor costs and reduces construction risks. During the use of the pp air duct, if any part is damaged, it can be repaired by cutting and bonding at will, and the maintenance is very convenient.

PP air ducts can be used for air supply pipes and exhaust gas discharge pipes of fresh air systems. Because polypropylene air ducts have high-strength corrosion resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof and other characteristics, they are widely used in factories, schools, laboratories, shopping malls, hotels. , the ventilation duct system of office buildings and other environments.


PP air duct is suitable for the installation of air conditioning and ventilation engineering in industry and various buildings, and is widely used in food processing, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical products, electronic industry, shopping malls, cotton textiles, sports entertainment and cultural venues, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, office buildings , government agencies, small villas, family homes, aerospace manufacturing and other fields.

The inner wall resistance of the pp air duct is very small

The pp air duct is very light in weight, which can greatly reduce the construction strength, and will not increase the difficulty of construction due to the gravity problem, and the gravity problem will not cause too much load on the installation foundation. pp air duct has good heat resistance. The long-term application temperature can reach 75 degrees Celsius, and the instantaneous application temperature can reach 95 degrees Celsius.

It is very resistant to corrosion and will not chemically, rust or corrode all chemicals in water and buildings. The thermal conductivity of the pp air duct is very low, so the thermal insulation performance is good, and it does not need thermal insulation materials when used in the hot water system.

The resistance of the inner wall of the air duct is very small, and it will not cause obvious obstacles to the circulation of the medium, so the energy consumption during use is very low. The pp air duct can be connected by hot melt connection, which can connect the pipeline and the pipe fittings into a whole, so that the connection of the pipeline will be very firm, and the connection will not be easy to leak. pp air duct has good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. Light weight, convenient equipment, and maintenance-free when used. However, since the sewer pipes of public works are made of steel, they need to be painted frequently during use, and the maintenance cost is high.

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