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What product can the Polypropylene make ?

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What are the Characteristics of Polypropylene?

Some of the most significant properties of polypropylene are:
  1. Chemical Resistance: Diluted bases and acids don't react readily with polypropylene, which makes it a good choice for containers of such liquids, such as cleaning agents, first-aid products, and more.  

  2. Elasticity and Toughness: Polypropylene will act with elasticity over a certain range of deflection (like all materials), but it will also experience plastic deformation early on in the deformation process, so it is generally considered a "tough" material. Toughness is an engineering term which is defined as a material's ability to deform (plastically, not elastically) without breaking..

  3. Fatigue Resistance: Polypropylene retains its shape after a lot of torsion, bending, and/or flexing. This property is especially valuable for making living hinges.

  4. Insulation: polypropylene has a very high resistance to electricity and is very useful for electronic components.

  5. Transmissivity: Although Polypropylene can be made transparent, it is normally produced to be naturally opaque in color. Polypropylene can be used for applications where some transfer of light is important or where it is of aesthetic value. If high transmissivity is desired then plastics like Acrylic or Polycarbonate are better choices.


What are the Advantages of Polypropylene?

  1. Polypropylene is readily available and relatively inexpensive.

  2. Polypropylene has high flexural strength due to its semi-crystalline nature.

  3. Polypropylene has a relatively slippery surface.

  4. Polypropylene is very resistant to absorbing moisture.

  5. Polypropylene has good chemical resistance over a wide range of bases and acids.

  6. Polypropylene possesses good fatigue resistance.

  7. Polypropylene has good impact strength.

  8. Polypropylene is a good electrical insulator.

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