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What is polypropylene sheet used for?

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Polypropylene (PP) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. It has high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, resistance to a variety of organic solvents and acid and alkali corrosion. It has a wide range of applications in industry, including packaging materials and labels, textiles (for example, ropes, thermal underwear and carpets), stationery, plastic parts and various types of reusable containers, and thermoplastic polymer equipment used in laboratories , Speakers, car parts, and polymer banknotes are one of the common polymer materials. In 2013, the global market for polypropylene was approximately 55 million tons. Plastic coins in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada are also made of polypropylene. Refer to the description of Wikipedia

The pp sheet is 1.2*2.4 sheet made of polypropylene polymer material, and the rear width is 3mm-20mm.

The nature of PP sheet:

Low-density   Polypropylene is a low-density polymer material. It has good toughness and can be used to process lightweight plastic products.

Heat resistance   Polypropylene sheet has a melting point of 160°C~171°C. When the temperature reaches 0°C, pp sheet will become fragile. It is a better high temperature resistant material on the market.

Corrosion resistance   Polypropylene material has relatively stable chemical properties and high corrosion resistance. It can be used to load chemicals and acid substances.

Recyclability   PP sheet is a kind of plastic that can be recycled and reused. When disposing of garbage, you need to choose the type of recyclable plastic.

Low price   PP sheet has a very low production cost, and it is also the best alternative product on the market.

More plasticity   PP sheets are widely used and can be processed into many products for use in different fields. In chemical production, waste gas purification, industrial manufacturing and other industries are commonly used materials.

PP sheet

Common specifications of polypropylene sheet:

Polypropylene is usually manufactured in sheet sizes of 2000mm x 1000mm, 2440mm x 1220mm, 3000mm x 1500mm, and the thickness range is usually 1mm to 50mm thick. If you have special sizes, you can find a PP sheet supplier for custom processing.

Application of polypropylene board:

1. Polypropylene sheets are usually used to line or completely manufacture acid tanks and chemical tanks

2. In the food assurance industry, packaging bottles or tableware that can be made into beverages, etc.

3. Polypropylene sheet is also widely known for its use in the prosthetic industry, because polypropylene can be heated and formed into an excellent shape, which is particularly capable of accurately producing feet, legs or other limbs

4. Another useful application of polypropylene sheet is in clean rooms for covering walls and creating a durable barrier that is strong and resistant to strong cleaning fluids

5. Polypropylene sheets can be used in swimming pools (due to its resistance to chlorine and water) and battery boxes. This is due to the excellent acid resistance of polypropylene.

6. Polypropylene sheets are widely used in the field of purification of industrial waste gas purification, and can be processed into exhaust ducts, exhaust air valves, scrubbers and other purification systems.

Products made by PP sheet

Disadvantages of polypropylene:

1. The material becomes very fragile in a low temperature environment

2. There is a material aging problem, which reduces the efficiency of use

3. PP board has high elasticity, and the products made are prone to deformation. Therefore, the product needs to be reinforced

Polypropylene products can be seen everywhere in our lives and are already an indispensable material. Some of the many products you buy on Amazon are made of polypropylene.

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