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What is polypropylene board?

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Polypropylene board type

Polypropylene board is divided into pure polypropylene board, polypropylene extrusion board and glass fiber reinforced polypropylene board. Among them, the pure polypropylene board has low density, is easy to weld, non-toxic and tasteless. Polypropylene craft board is made by adding various energy additives to polypropylene resin. However, glass fiber reinforced polypropylene sheets have better heat resistance and low-temperature impact than ordinary polypropylene sheets and are particularly suitable for petroleum, pesticide and sewage treatment.

Features of polypropylene board

1. The surface of the polypropylene sheet is smooth and flat, the thickness is uniform, and the scope of application is wide;

2. Polypropylene board has a uniform thickness, lightweight, good heat resistance and mechanical strength;

3. Polypropylene board is non-toxic and tasteless, and it is a very environmentally friendly plastic material.

4. Polypropylene board is the most ideal building material.

The use range of polypropylene board

Polypropylene board is widely used due to its own characteristics. Polypropylene board can be used to make advertising boards and recycling boxes, and can also be used as an industrial board to play a role in packaging protection. In addition, polypropylene boards are also widely used in the protection of the electronics industry, such as integrated circuit wafers, integrated circuit packaging, testing, thin-film transistor liquid crystal displays, optoelectronics and other electronic component packaging.

The difference between Polypropylene board and PVC board

Customers usually think of a PP board and PVC board when choosing a sheet, but what is the difference between them?

1. Color

PP plastic sheet

Polypropylene board is usually white or gray and cannot be made of transparent materials. Pvc boards come in many colors, not only gray but also beige and ivory, especially transparent.

2. weight

PP board has relatively small density and is lightweight and is suitable for buildings with lighter requirements such as roofs.

3. Acid and alkali resistance

Pvc board has weak acid and alkali resistance, but can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, is not affected by the climate, is non-flammable, but has low toxicity, while pp board has good acid and alkali resistance, but cannot prevent ultraviolet rays, and will change color when exposed to the sun for a long time.

4. Application

The high-temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance of polypropylene sheets are mainly used in environmental protection equipment, and polypropylene sheets discharged from equal-thickness waste are widely used in punching plates and punching plates. Pvc panels are used in the construction, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

5. Price

Generally speaking, the price of a PP board is relatively cheap, while the density and weight of a PVC board are relatively high, and the price is relatively expensive.

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