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What is an exhaust gas treatment tower?

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The waste gas treatment tower can be used for the adsorption and purification of water-soluble gases such as harmful gas sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4), hydrogen chloride (HCL), hydrogen fluoride (HF) gas, and chromic acid mist (CrO3). , pharmaceutical, laboratory, metallurgy, light industry, food, new energy, electroplating, pickling, petroleum, machinery, electric power and other industries organic waste gas treatment.

【Principle of waste gas treatment tower】

The waste gas treatment tower can also be called waste gas purification tower, acid mist purification tower, etc.

For the treatment of corrosive gases (such as acid and alkaline waste gas) in the waste gas treatment tower, the liquid absorption method is currently used for treatment. The key to adopting the liquid absorption method to treat the waste gas lies in the selection of environmental protection equipment. At present, Xicheng Environmental Protection has independently developed acid and alkaline waste gas treatment processes and waste gas purification equipment with high waste gas treatment efficiency, simple operation and management, and long service life. The waste gas treatment process and product have the characteristics of simple structure, low energy consumption, high purification efficiency and wide application range, and can effectively remove hydrogen chloride gas (HCl), hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), ammonia gas (NH3), sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4) , chromic acid mist (CrO3), hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN), alkali vapor (NaOH), hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), formalin (HCHO) and other water-soluble gases.

The acid mist exhaust gas is introduced into the acid mist purification tower through the air duct. After passing through the packing layer, the exhaust gas and the sodium hydroxide absorption liquid undergo a gas-liquid two-phase full contact absorption and neutralization reaction. After the fog, it is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. The absorption liquid is pressurized by the water pump at the bottom of the tower and sprayed down at the top of the tower, and then returned to the bottom of the tower for recycling. The purified acid mist exhaust gas meets the national emission standard.

【Features of waste gas treatment tower】

The waste gas treatment tower uses a packed tower to treat the waste gas with organic waste gas, which is suitable for waste gas treatment of continuous and intermittent emission of waste gas; the waste gas treatment process is simple, management, operation and maintenance are quite convenient and concise, and it will not have any impact on the production of the workshop; the scope of application It can purify a variety of pollutants and dust-containing gases at the same time; the waste gas treatment tower body can be made of PP/FRP and other materials according to the actual situation; the packing is made of high-efficiency and low-resistance Pall rings, which can completely remove the peculiar smell in the gas, Waste gas treatment such as harmful substances.

Packing layer inside plastic scrubber

【Exhaust gas treatment tower structure】

The waste gas treatment tower is divided into single tower body and double tower body. The equipment is specifically composed of a liquid storage tank, a tower body, an air inlet section, a spray layer, a packing layer, a swirl demisting layer, an air outlet cone cap, and a manhole.

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