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What is a spray tower?

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Spray tower, also known as scrubber, wet scrubber, is waste gas treatment equipment. The exhaust gas is fully contacted with the liquid, and the concentration of the waste gas is reduced by using its solubility in water or chemical reaction, so as to become a clean gas that meets the national emission standards. It is mainly used to treat inorganic waste gas, such as sulfuric acid mist, hydrogen chloride gas, nitrogen oxide gas of different valence, namely NOx, dust waste gas, etc.

How the spray tower works

Dust-laden gas and black smoke tail gas enter the bottom cone of the exhaust gas purification tower through the flue pipe, and the smoke and dust are washed by the water bath. The mist is combined with the circulating spray water to further fully mix in the main body. At this time, the dust particles in the dust-laden gas are captured by the water, and the dust and water are centrifuged or filtered off, and flow into the circulating pool through the tower wall due to gravity. The purge gas is discharged. The waste water is regularly scooped up and transported out of the sludge in the circulating pool.

Spray tower system

Spray tower + automatic dosing device + activated carbon adsorber + centrifugal blower

spray tower

[Features]: The spray tower has low noise, stable operation, simple operation and convenience; water-washing waste gas treatment system is cheap and simple in treatment method; gaseous, liquid and solid pollution sources can be treated; system pressure loss is low, suitable for large air volume ;Multi-stage filling layer design can be adopted to deal with mixed pollution sources. It can treat acid and alkaline waste gas economically and effectively, and the removal rate can be as high as 99% or more.

[Applicable]: electronics industry, semiconductor manufacturing, PCB manufacturing, LCD manufacturing, steel metal industry, electroplating and metal surface treatment industry, pickling process, dye/pharmaceutical/chemical industry, deodorization/chlorine neutralization, combustion exhaust gas Removal of SOx/NOx, treatment of other water-soluble air pollutants.

The spray type swirl plate waste gas purification tower is also called water spray tower, waste gas treatment tower, tail gas purification tower, waste gas absorption tower, waste gas spray tower, and swirl plate waste gas purification tower. Wet swirl plate exhaust gas purification tower is more advanced in wet dust removal technology. The effect of dust removal, desulfurization and spray paint removal on boilers is particularly significant. It is also widely used. Compared with other wet processes, the dust removal effect is better. lower. It not only removes more than 95% of paint dust, but also ensures low gas humidity and simple water filtration.

Spray tower structure

The structure of conventional spray tower is summarized as: one layer of demisting, two layers of spray, three layers of packing, four windows, and five live ball valves.

Defogging layer: generally separated by a grid plate, with filler placed on it, and the height of the filler layer can reach 500mm. In order to improve the demisting efficiency, the spray tower produced by our company can be equipped with a plate mist eliminator.
Spray layer: The spray layer is composed of spray pipes and nozzles. According to the diameter of the spray tower, the density of the spray pipes and nozzles is different. Using high-efficiency nozzles, the spray is uniform and the flow is large and not easy to be blocked.

Filler layer: The filler layer is placed on top of the defogging layer and the spray layer. The main fillers are multi-sided hollow spheres and Raschig rings. The packing layer in the spray tower is used as a mass transfer device for the contact components between the gas and liquid phases. A packing support plate is installed at the bottom of the packed tower, and the packing is placed on the support plate in a random manner.

Window: Also known as the detection port, the usually formed window has two specifications of φ500mm and φ400mm. The main function of the window is to observe the operation of the spray tower, replace the packing, and repair the nozzle.
Live ball valve: mainly control the switch of circulating water.

In addition, the circulating water tank is also an important part of the spray tower. The water tank can be flexibly set up and connected to the spray tower body or not.

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