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What is a VAV variable air volume butterfly valve?

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VAV variable air volume butterfly valve is an air-conditioning system that can control the temperature of an air-conditioned area by changing the air supply volume and also adjusting the air supply temperature. The system adjusts the air volume sent into the room through the variable air volume terminal device, and adjusts the air volume of the air conditioner accordingly to meet the air volume demand of the system. Xicheng Environmental Protection focuses on the field of waste gas treatment and laboratory ventilation accessories, and provides VAV variable air volume butterfly valves and other related accessories and equipment.

VAV variable air volume butterfly valve

The variable air volume butterfly valve can automatically adjust the air supply air volume (adjust the air supply temperature when the air supply volume reaches a small amount) according to the change of the air conditioning load and the change of the indoor required parameters, so as to meet the comfort requirements of indoor personnel or other process requirements. At the same time, the speed of the blower is automatically adjusted according to the actual air supply volume, which minimizes the power of the blower and saves energy.

The VAV variable air volume butterfly valve contains the following components:

Controller (equivalent to the brain), angle actuator, linear travel actuator, displacement sensor, electric door motor, anti-pinch infrared sensor, personnel area detector, foot switch, flow sensor, surface wind speed sensor, temperature sensor, Liquid crystal display operation panel, lighting and other components.

VAV damper system

What are the characteristics?

The variable air volume control system is relative to the constant air volume system. In the past, the laboratory ventilation system was only composed of fans whose power and air volume were basically constant. Neither the air volume nor the room temperature and humidity can be controlled, and the ventilation system only acts as an exhaust. The variable air volume system means that the supply air changes with the exhaust air, and the exhaust air changes automatically or artificially according to people's needs. The supply air and the exhaust air form a dynamic balance, so that the room always maintains a relatively constant temperature and humidity. and slight negative pressure. Its working principle is that when the exhaust air volume changes, the system end device automatically adjusts the air volume sent into the room to ensure that the indoor temperature, humidity and pressure are kept within the design range, so that the air supply volume of the air handling unit at low load decreases. , the speed of the blower of the air handling unit is also reduced to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

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