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What is a CAV constant air volume damper?

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Constant air volume valve (CAV) is a mechanical self-operated device, also known as CAV damper, suitable for ventilation and air conditioning systems that require constant air volume. The air volume control of the constant air volume valve does not require external power. It relies on the air force in the air duct to locate the position of the control valve, so as to maintain the air flow at the preset flow rate in the entire pressure difference range.

CAV constant air volume damper product features

The constant air volume damper is an automatic mechanical mechanism that does not require external power. An additional electric actuator can be added to change the flow setting through remote control signals. The constant air volume valve can be used in air supply and exhaust systems. The working temperature is generally 10 to 50 °C, and the pressure difference range is 50 to 1000 Pa, that is, at least 50 Pa pressure difference is applied before the valve and behind the valve, otherwise the constant air volume damper cannot work.

variable air volume system control

The CAV constant air volume damper is not limited by its position, but the shaft of the valve plate should be kept horizontal. Generally, it is required to have a straight inlet air duct with a distance of 1.5 times the distance from the long side of the valve and a straight outlet air duct with a distance of 0.5 times the distance.

The constant air volume damper has high control accuracy, an external pointer shows the flow scale, the adjustment accuracy is about ±4%, and the current limiting mechanism does not need maintenance. Just as the balance valve is more and more adopted by the majority of designers in the air-conditioning water system, the constant air volume valve will also be widely used in the air supply and exhaust system due to its precise adjustment and automatic balance characteristics.

CAV constant air volume damper material

At present, the common materials for making constant air volume dampers on the market are stainless steel, polypropylene plastic, and PVC. Different materials are suitable for different temperature environments and acid-base environments. High-temperature gases generally use stainless steel constant air volume dampers, and acid-base corrosive gases are recommended to use polypropylene constant air volume dampers.

CAV constant air volume damper

Advantages of CAV constant air volume damper:

  1. Wide range of applications, multi-scenario use

  2. Energy saving and environmental protection

  3. Precise control of air volume

  4. only control the system

  5. Can be customized according to user needs

CAV constant air volume control system

Constant air volume control damper, multi-function controller, operation display panel, temperature sensor, air pressure difference sensor.

CAV constant air volume damper application

The constant air volume valve can be used in the fresh air system of hotel rooms, the air conditioning and ventilation system of office buildings, and the laboratory exhaust system of schools and hospitals. Such an exhaust system can ensure that the exhaust air volume is roughly equal, and the system control is simple, the air volume is precisely controlled, and the operation is reliable.

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