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What industrial waste gases can the Wet scrubber treat?

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There are many types and complex components of industrial waste gas. Therefore, many industries need to choose which type of waste gas treatment equipment is suitable for waste gas treatment according to the composition of waste gas, air volume and concentration of waste gas. Recently, many users have left messages asking for gas What industrial waste gases can scrubbers treat?

Wet scrubbers can be divided into acid scrubbers, lye scrubbers, and circulating water scrubbers. Because different pollutants such as acid and alkali are involved in the process of exhaust gas treatment, the equipment will be based on the nature of the exhaust gas and the treatment process adopted. Materials are divided into glass fiber reinforced plastic scrubber, pp scrubber, stainless steel scrubber.

Taking spraying industrial waste gas treatment as an example, because the spraying industry will generate a large amount of volatile organic waste gas in the process of working, it is necessary to use the water spray treatment method to remove the large particles or water-soluble pollutants contained in the waste gas. Settled down to achieve the purpose of separating pollutants from clean gas.

Based on the above information, Wet scrubber can be used for industrial waste gas containing acid, alkali, etc. Please refer to the following for specific industries and waste gas types.

Applicable industries:
Purification and treatment of acid-base corrosive waste gas produced by semiconductor, electroplating factory, paint factory, chemical factory, printing and dyeing factory, rubber factory and laboratory, etc. It can also be used in food, meat processing factory, slaughterhouse, poultry feed farm , paper mills, sewage treatment plants, waste transfer stations and other odorous waste gas purification treatment, as well as dust, odor, smoke treatment.

Applicable exhaust type:
Wet scrubber has obvious purification effect on various corrosive gases, and can effectively remove hydrogen chloride gas (HCl), hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), ammonia gas (NH3), sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4), chromic acid mist (CrO3), hydrogen cyanic acid Gas (HCN), alkali vapor (NaOH), formalin (HCHO) and other water-soluble gases. The Wet scrubber has high exhaust gas purification efficiency, simple operation and management, and long service life. The acid and alkali exhaust gas after purification treatment meets the national emission standard.

Plastic wet scrubber production workshop

Wet scrubber equipment is mainly composed of air inlet, air outlet, inspection port, tower body (absorption tower), packing layer, spray layer, liquid storage and dosing system, circulating water tank and other parts. The absorption tower is the entire Wet scrubber. Absorb the core. The industrial waste gas enters from the absorption tower and chemically reacts with the filler (configured according to different waste gas components) in the spray layer, which can remove the toxic and harmful waste gas contained in the waste gas, and the gas after primary purification is sent to carbon fiber for adsorption, and finally Emissions that meet the standard are released into the atmosphere.

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