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What are the types of industrial scrubbers?

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What are the types of industrial scrubbers?When you are buying an industrial scrubber, you need to know the basic knowledge about scrubbers in advance.

The three main types of industrial scrubbers

Wet scrubber, dry scrubber and electrostatic precipitator.

A scrubber is an air pollution control device that uses liquid to remove particulate matter or gas from industrial waste gas or flue gas. This atomized liquid (usually water) traps particles and pollutant gases to effectively flush them out of the airflow.

h2s removal from gas

Compared with other air pollution control equipment, scrubbers have a wide range of disciplines, which can remove solids, mist and gas at the same time, and also provide cooling functions. They can also safely handle explosive and flammable gases. However, the scrubber suffers from high levels of corrosion and a slurry waste stream occurs, which is not convenient with regard to recycling and disposal.

1. Wet industrial scrubbing tower

The most basic of various industrial scrubbers is the wet industrial scrubber. The most basic method is to encapsulate the water in a metal or composite container. The contaminated gas passes through the water, and the water absorbs the contaminated gas. Other liquids can be used to effectively remove various contaminants. The chemical composition and total charge of these liquids are different. These liquids can be any liquid that is positively or negatively charged, or any liquid that is not charged. Because the pollutant charges are different, the scrubber can be filled with liquid, which will be most usefully combined to remove the pollutants in the gas.

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The gas leaving the scrubber is therefore cleaner. The development of wet scrubbing towers has improved the power to remove pollutants. One of the first developments is to maximize the total appearance of the liquid combined with the polluted gas. A larger surface area means that more pollutants can be extracted from the gas. Another development of the scrubber is to add a mixture of gas and scrubber fluid. These aspirators agitate the solution and add the contaminated gas and liquid mixture.

Wet scrubbers are different from other different types of industrial scrubbers because the liquid-gas association adds the moisture content of the gas discharged from the scrubber. The addition of moisture in the gas will result in visible clouds coming out of the scrubber.Wet scrubber process

2. Dry industrial scrubber

Unlike wet industrial scrubbers, dry scrubbers do not use liquid to absorb pollutants. Because of this difference, steam does not occur in response, and therefore no waste water system is required. The dry industrial scrubbing tower is composed of a response center, and the adsorbent or dry response material that absorbs pollutants is mixed with the polluted gas. The system also contains information components that help to remove the reaction product, which is a dry adsorbent combined with pollutants. Dry scrubbers are primarily used to remove acids found in the gas.

Activated carbon adsorption equipment

The dry adsorbent used to remove acid from the gas is generally made of alkaline slurry. The slurry is alkaline in nature and will neutralize the acid found in the gas. The adsorbent can be mixed with acid gas in two ways. There are two different types of dry industrial scrubbers. The first is called dry adsorbent injection. In this process, the gas is directly mixed with the alkaline adsorbent. The second method is spray drying absorption method. In this method, the contaminated gas is processed by the mist of the adsorbent. The sprayer can complete good mixing and effectively remove contaminants in the gas.

3. Electrostatic precipitator

The electrostatic precipitator uses charged energy to remove dust and other pollutants in the gas, and has a unique function in different types of industrial scrubbing towers. It is important to match the polarity and type of charge to combine with the gas and remove contaminants from the gas. The planning example of the electrostatic precipitator is the plate type precipitator. The plate is a metal plate with a specific type of electric charge. The plan of these plates is parallel to the pipes, so the gas will pass through the plates and the plates will remove dust or contaminants.

Electrostatic precipitators

In addition to the metal plate electrostatic precipitator, there is also a wet electrostatic precipitator to help remove high humidity. Some chemicals that can be removed from the gas include sulfuric acid. The resulting slurry containing bound contaminants is rotated from the electrostatic precipitator to remove the contaminants, and a useful charged surface is maintained to remove the contaminants.

Before buying an industrial scrubber, you should first understand the ASTM standard for atmospheric analysis. Different countries have different standards for atmospheric environmental protection. You need to choose the type of industrial scrubber according to the standards. Because most of the other treatments are corrosive, it is recommended to use a polypropylene scrubber with the best corrosion resistance.

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