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What are the specific hazards of voc exhaust gas?

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We may not know much about voc exhaust gas, but for friends in the industrial field, he should be very familiar with it. Now everyone is advocating vigorously controlling exhaust gas because it has many hazards, and these hazards are mainly reflected in The hazards of chemical substances, the absorption of human skin or breath, the obstacles to the nervous system, and the hazards of other compounds, and so on. In the article, the editor will give you an introduction to its specific harm and its main formation links.

The specific hazards of voc exhaust gas:

1. The harm of chemical substances

From the perspective of the nature of chemical substances, in industrial production and other fields, the solvents generally used mainly include aliphatic compounds, halogenated hydrocarbons and aromatic compounds. If these organic solvents volatilize into the atmospheric environment, they will not only cause serious pollution to the atmospheric environment, but also cause harm to human health after the human body breathes in the polluted gas.

2. Absorbed by human skin or breath

For example, benzene is often used as a solvent. As a solvent, it volatilizes into the atmosphere. It can not only be absorbed by the skin of the human body, but also enters the human body through the respiratory system, causing chronic or acute poisoning. Most poisonings are caused by breathing in toxic gases.

3. Causes neurological disorders

Benzene compounds not only cause certain damage to the central nervous system of the human body, but also may cause obstacles to the nervous system. After entering the human body, they will also harm the blood and hematopoietic organs. If the situation is serious, they may even have bleeding symptoms or suffer from sepsis. Under oxidation, benzene can be oxidized to phenol in the organism, which can cause abnormal liver function, which is very unfavorable to the growth and development of bones, and induces aplastic anemia.

4. The hazards of other compounds

Diphenylamine, benzidine, etc. entering the human body can cause the symptoms of hypoxia; nitrogen compounds organic matter can cause cancer; organophosphorus compounds reduce the activity of cholinesterase in the blood, causing the nervous system to malfunction; organic sulfur compounds, low concentrations Mercaptans can cause discomfort, high concentrations can cause death; ethylene oxide, oxygen-containing organic compounds, inhalation of high concentrations of ethylene oxide can cause death;

The main formation links of voc exhaust gas:

  • In the area of organic liquid storage tanks in chemical plants, volatile gases are formed due to the influence of "big breath" and "small breath".

  • In the production process that easily emits voc waste gas, such as chemical synthesis, filtration, distillation, centrifugation and other production processes, voc waste gas is very easy to appear.

  • In the process of material transfer in the production workshop, when the material is transferred from the first storage to the second storage, there will also be a process of inhaling gas and releasing gas, thereby forming voc exhaust gas.

  • Leakage occurred in the production process, corrosion and wear caused by long-term use of production equipment, and failure to take maintenance measures in time, which led to material leakage.

  • Lack of production management mechanism. Due to the imperfect management mechanism in the production process, operators have misoperations, resulting in leakage or abnormal discharge of organic substances.

VOC exhaust gas must be installed with exhaust gas treatment equipment for exhaust gas filtration. Currently effective VOC waste gas treatment equipment includes: wet scrubber, photolysis UV equipment, activated carbon adsorption equipment, etc.

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