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What are the environmental governance measures in the Philippines?

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According to the global air quality report, although the Philippines' air pollution index has not reached the lethal level, it is still one of the countries with more serious air pollution.

According to the latest "World Air Quality Report", the Philippines' annual average PM2.5 in 2019 is 17.6 micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m³), which is higher than the safety limit of 10 micrograms per cubic meter set by the World Health Organization.

The average for the Philippines in 2018 was 14.6 micrograms per cubic meter.

In the report, Bangladesh has the most serious air pollution, followed by Pakistan, Mongolia, Afghanistan and India.

Recommendations for the implementation of environmental governance in the Philippines:

1. Reduce pollutant emissions. Reforming the energy structure, using more pollution-free energy sources (such as solar, wind, and hydropower) and low-polluting energy sources (such as natural gas), pretreatment of fuels (such as desulfurization before burning coal), and improving combustion technology can all reduce pollution quantity.

2. Control emissions and make full use of atmospheric self-purification capabilities. Different meteorological conditions will result in different atmospheric capacity for pollutants, and the same amount of pollutants discharged will cause different concentrations of pollutants.

3. Plant site selection, chimney design, urban and industrial zone planning, etc. should be reasonable, and avoid over-concentration of large emitters, or cause repeated pollution and cause serious local pollution incidents. Such a place should be placed in an open, well-ventilated, and relatively sparsely populated place.

4. For enterprises that produce harmful exhaust gas, it is mandatory to install exhaust gas purification treatment equipment (such as wet scrubbers, exhaust gas scrubbers). Exhaust gas treatment from the emission source can more effectively quality air pollution.

5. Greening afforestation, more plants absorb pollutants, reduce the degree of air pollution, planting afforestation, returning farmland to forest and ecological reconstruction are extremely important.

6. Take comprehensive measures to control agricultural pollution, guide farmers in chemical fertilizers and pesticides, actively promote soil testing and formula fertilization, promote the return of straw to the field, and encourage the use of farm manure and new organic fertilizers.

7. Improve the level of garbage harmlessness, reduction, and resource utilization. Accelerate the construction of waste treatment facilities based on sanitary landfills on the basis of reduction work.

8. Accelerate the development and use of new energy, and promote preferential policies for new energy. New energy vehicles can effectively replace the use of traditional fuel vehicles.

9. Classify and process recyclable garbage, promote the reproduction and utilization of recyclable garbage, and reduce waste of resources.

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