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What are the design steps of the wet scrubber?

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In the daily waste gas treatment cases, the waste gas equipment we are exposed to most may be the wet scrubber. Wet scrubber occupies an important position in both acid and alkali waste gas treatment and organic waste gas treatment. It is widely used in the treatment of electroplating waste gas, pickling hydrochloric acid waste gas, paint workshop waste gas, paint production line waste gas, precision instrument workshop waste gas, and medicine. Factory waste gas, waste gas from solar photovoltaic materials and many other industries.

1. General structure of wet scrubber

The wet scrubber can be used for gas absorption, etc. The main components of the wet scrubber are: fluid distributor, packing plate or bed limiting plate, packing, packing support, liquid collector, liquid redistributor, etc.

Packing layer inside plastic scrubber

2. Design steps of wet scrubber

  1. Determine the gas and liquid load, gas and liquid physical properties and characteristic gas outlets to determine the above parameters from the process requirements.

  2. The correct choice of packing material has an important influence on the economic effect of the tower. For a given design condition, there are often a variety of fillers to choose from. Therefore, a comprehensive comparison of various types of fillers is made in order to choose a more ideal filler.


  3. Calculate the tower diameter according to the packing characteristic data, system physical parameters and liquid-gas ratio, etc., calculate the liquid flooding velocity, multiply it by an appropriate coefficient as the designed empty tower gas velocity to calculate the tower diameter; or directly use the experience obtained The design value of the gas kinetic energy factor is calculated to calculate the tower diameter.

  4. To calculate the height of the packing, use the mass transfer unit height method or the equal plate height method to calculate the total height of the packing layer.

  5. Calculating the pressure drop of the packing If the pressure drop exceeds the limit value, the type and size of the packing must be adjusted or the operating gas speed must be reduced and the calculation shall be repeated until the conditions are met.

  6. The correct design of the other internal components (distributor, packing support, redistributor, packing restriction plate, etc.) of the wet scrubber is the necessary conditions to ensure that the packed tower achieves the expected performance. The structural design includes two parts: the tower body design and the tower internal component design. The internal components of the packed tower include: liquid distribution device, liquid redistribution device, packing support device, packing pressure plate or bed limiting plate, etc. The reasonable design of these internal components is an important condition to ensure normal operation and achieve the expected performance of the packing.

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