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What are the corrosion-resistant plastic air ducts in the laboratory?

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What are the common laboratory corrosion-resistant plastic ventilation ducts? What are the main advantages?

FRP duct

FRP pipe is a non-metallic pipe with light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. It is a glass fiber with a resin base weight that is wound layer by layer on a rotating core mold according to the process requirements, and quartz sand is evenly spread between the fibers as a sand layer at a long distance. The tube wall structure is reasonable and advanced, which can give full play to the role of the material. Under the premise of meeting the strength of use, it improves the rigidity and ensures the stability and reliability of the product. FRP sand pipe is accepted by the majority of users for its excellent chemical resistance, light weight, high strength, non-scaling, strong shock resistance, long service life compared with ordinary steel pipe, low comprehensive cost, quick installation, safe and reliable, etc.

PVC duct

The air duct is often used for the supply and exhaust of corrosive gases. The process flow is: blanking-production-welding-reinforcement-transportation-installation.

Its advantages are corrosion resistance and good sealing performance; its disadvantages are that it is not resistant to high temperatures, and its processing flexibility is not as good as galvanized sheets. When processing PVC air pipes, reduce the diameter of the air pipe as much as possible, and branch pipes can be led out by openings on the main pipe. When the length of the air pipe exceeds 20m, a flexible joint should be added. The material of the soft joint should be corrosion-resistant soft PVC board, and the thickness shall be determined according to the specification requirements according to the diameter of the air pipe. The finished soft joint surface should be smooth and beautiful, and there should be no obvious distortion. The two ends are equal in size, and the soft joint length is generally 200mm; it can be flanged or sleeved socket welding. The flexible joints of all SICOLAB engineering ducts are sleeve-type socket welding, and all welds are fully welded.

PP exhaust duct

Drying conditions: The material performance is low in density, strength rigidity, hardness and heat resistance are better than low-pressure polyethylene, and can be used at about 100 degrees. It has good electrical properties and high-frequency insulation, which is not affected by humidity, but it becomes brittle at low temperatures, and is not wear-resistant and easy to age.

pp exhaust duct

PP material, lined with steel wire, can be bent and stretched arbitrarily, various colors are available, light weight, long service life

Applicable temperature: -20 degrees—+90 degrees

Size: can be customized

Application: Mainly used for exhaust air, ventilation, sewage, etc.

Stainless steel air ducts, stainless steel air ducts can be divided into two types: round and rectangular.

According to the different requirements of the project site, the finished air ducts of various shapes, specifications and plates can be produced. The main materials of stainless steel ducts are: SUS304, 316, 303, 310, 310S, 301, 302, 304L, 316L, 321, 201, 202, 902, 904, 317, 430, etc. The surface properties of stainless steel ducts mainly include 8K mirror panel, color stainless steel plate, stainless steel frosted plate, stainless steel wire drawing plate, stainless steel pattern plate, stainless steel etching plate, titanium, snow sand, 2B plate, BA plate and industrial medium and thick plate. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high strength and other physical and chemical properties, the finished stainless steel air pipe is mainly used in a variety of process exhaust systems, solvent exhaust systems, organic exhaust systems, and exhaust gas with high air tightness requirements. Exhaust system and outdoor part of ordinary exhaust system, hot and humid exhaust system, smoke exhaust and dust removal system, etc.

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