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What are the common types of plastic sheets? What are their advantages and disadvantages

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Plastic sheet literally means a sheet made of plastic, which uses synthetic resin as the main raw material. In addition to being more common in our home decoration, it is also used in chemicals or environmental protection. You can understand what kind of panels are generally used in households, and compare their advantages and disadvantages which are more practical, economical and healthy for households.

What are the common types of plastic sheets

1. Plastic metal composite board. A feature of new plastic and metal materials-"metal plastic" was recently successfully developed by Chinese scientists. Experts said that "metal plastics" have important application value and research in many fields, and can be used as nano- and micro-processing and multi-faceted materials, which can make auto parts as cheap as plastics in the future. It is often used as a corrugated plastic metal composite board for roof panels and wall panels. It mainly includes the wave and arc forms of the trapezoidal section.

2. Rigid PVC building board. Rigid PVC extrusion table Cincinnati Meera Crown Co., Ltd. imported from Austria has the world's advanced flat CM80 conical twin-screw extrusion line. First-class product quality, the general color is gray and white, but also can be colored PVC hard board according to customer needs, the color is bright, beautiful and generous. Its shape is a heterogeneous board, and at the same time, it is also called corrugated board or side board, which is mainly used for ceiling and wall board. PVC plastic sheet has outstanding performance-to-price ratio and low price. It is an excellent thermoformed plastic, which can replace some stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant synthetic materials. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, electroplating, water purification treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment, and mining. , Medicine, electronics, communications and decoration industries.

3. Polypropylene plastic board, also called PP plastic board, has high strength and good anti-corrosion performance, can withstand high temperature environment, and has strong impact resistance. It can be filled, toughened, flame-retardant, modified, etc. processing. This plastic board is processed through processes such as extrusion, calendering, cooling, and cutting. It has the advantages of uniform thickness, smooth and flat, and strong insulation. Because it can withstand high temperatures up to 100 degrees, it is often used in chemical anti-corrosion equipment, ventilation ducts, electrical appliances and building materials and other fields.

4. Polyethylene plastic board is also called PE plastic board. The color of the raw material is mostly white, and the color can also be changed according to user needs, such as red, blue and so on. It has good chemical stability, excellent insulation performance, can resist the erosion of most acid and alkali components, low density, good toughness, easy to stretch, easy to weld and process, non-toxic and harmless. PE plastic board is used in a wide range of fields, including chemical industry, transportation, post and telecommunications. : PE plastic board medical appliance parts, seals, cutting boards, sliding profiles. Commonly used in chemical, machinery, chemical, electric power, clothing, packaging, food and other industries. It is commonly used in gas transportation, water supply, sewage discharge, agricultural irrigation, mine fine solids transportation, and oil fields, chemical industry, post and telecommunications and other fields, especially in gas transportation.

5. The most commonly used colors of ABS plastic board are beige and white, with high impact resistance, good heat resistance, high surface finish, and easy secondary processing. Widely used in home appliances, electronics, packaging, medical equipment and other fields, ABS embossed sheet has the characteristics of beautiful and generous, mainly used in the production of automotive interiors and door panels. ABS plastic plates are commonly used in the following areas: food industry parts, building models, prototype production, phase electronic industrial parts, refrigerator refrigeration industry, electronic and electrical fields, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each

1. The advantages and disadvantages of PVC plastic, namely polyvinyl chloride plastic, are compared: (1) It is acid and alkali resistant, not resistant to organic solvents, and has excellent electrical insulation; (2) It has fire resistance and self-resting performance, which is equivalent to home appliance materials. Important, it is also more wear-resistant, can muffle and reduce vibration; (3), rigid PVC: surface hardness, tensile strength, rigidity and other mechanical strength are higher than PE, close to ABS, and can be used as engineering materials; (4) , Soft PVC, quite soft, rubbery, resistant to folding. Disadvantages: (1), hard PVC will become brittle at low temperature; soft PVC will become hard at low temperature; (2), during processing, it is sensitive to heat and has poor thermal stability, which will cause different degradation when heated; (3) It is sensitive to strain of rigid PVC and cannot be fully recovered after being deformed.

2. Polypropylene plastic board, also called PP plastic board, its advantages are: PP plastic board has very good formability, water resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, good insulation performance, and good fire resistance. This kind of PP plastic The board is easily deformed, has adhesiveness, is the lightest plastic, and has a wide range of uses. Disadvantages of pp plastic board: PP plastic board has poor flow properties. If it is not filled, it is easy to form marks. When the pressure is insufficient, it is also easy to dent. It often requires high temperature and high pressure to form. When used in the optical field, the transparency is not very good. If it is mixed with different kinds of materials, pay attention to the decomposition effect of the PP plastic board.

PP sheet shipment

3. Polyethylene plastic board is also called PE plastic board. Its advantages are:

(1) Most plastics have strong corrosion resistance and do not react with acids and alkalis.

(2) The cost of plastic manufacturing is low.

(3) Durable, waterproof, and lightweight PE.

(4) It is easy to be molded into different shapes.

(5) It is a good insulator.

(6) Plastics can be used to prepare fuel oil and fuel gas, which can reduce crude oil consumption.


(1) When recycling waste plastics, classification is very difficult and economically uneconomical;

(2) Plastics are easy to burn and produce toxic gas when burned; for example, toluene is produced when polystyrene is burned. A small amount of this substance can cause blindness and vomiting when inhaled. The burning of PVC will also produce toxic gas of hydrogen chloride. In addition to burning, it is High temperature environment will cause plastic to decompose toxic components, such as benzene ring.

(3) Plastics are made of PE products refined from petroleum, and petroleum resources are limited.

4. ABS plastic board is a new material in the board industry. Its advantages: 1. Hard, easy to extrude 2. Easy to dye 3. Flame retardant 4. Impact resistance 5. Good surface properties. Shortcomings: Point 1. Poor solvent resistance 2. , Low dielectric strength 3. Low elongation

The above is an introduction to the types and advantages and disadvantages of common plastic sheets. The characteristics of each material are different and the scope of use is different. Like the first plastic-metal composite board and hard pvc board mentioned, it is often used For home decoration, it is also a more environmentally friendly choice of panels. You can also combine the price and practicality of each panel.

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