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What are the benefits of the application of industrial scrubbers?

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The global economy is gradually prospering, and industrial technology is developing rapidly. The chemical pollution produced by industrial production will affect the normal life of the surrounding residents. Therefore, in order to protect the ecological environment, international environmental protection organizations advocate companies and enterprises to properly handle the chemical pollution of production. It is recommended to adopt recycling or filtering methods to reduce the discharge of chemical pollution.


Industrial scrubber protects the environment

Different types of industrial scrubbers can help protect the environment by removing harmful chemicals and acids from polluting gases. There are many types of scrubbers that can help with this process, including wet, dry, and electrostatic scrubbers. With efficient and well-maintained industrial scrubbers, factories can complete production and protect communities and their workers. In some cases, these scrubbers will remove contaminants that can be processed and profited from as the final product itself. STI Group services and maintains reliable industrial scrubbers.

Advantages and disadvantages of industrial scrubbers


Can handle flammable and explosive dust with little risk

Provides gas absorption and dust collection in one unit

Corrosion resistant and durable

Corrosive gases and dust can be neutralized

No need for frequent maintenance


The collected particulate matter may be contaminated and cannot be recycled

Need frost protection. Certain streams may need to be reheated to avoid visible plumes

The size of the wet scrubber is not uniform and needs to be customized for different needs

Need to supplement the water to maintain the operation of the scrubber.

Buying advice

There are different types and sizes of industrial scrubbers, you need to customize the design and purchase according to the company's needs. You can also find a professional exhaust gas treatment equipment supplier-China Xicheng, to provide you with product planning and design. They have a professional design and production team to provide one-stop exhaust gas treatment services.

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