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What are the basic structure of PP wet scrubber?

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PP wet scrubber is used in food, chemical, plastic, electronics, automobile spraying, mold, wood industry, metallurgy, power plant, solar energy, alloy polishing and other industries to purify waste gas generated in the production process. It can not only treat various acid and alkaline waste gas, but also effectively purify dust, etc. Its structure and composition are very diverse. First, you must understand the nature and emission characteristics of pollutants to determine the waste gas treatment process. Decide which device to use. The structural design of the PP wet scrubber can be appropriately increased according to specific engineering needs, but the basic equipment cannot be changed at will. Its internal structure and composition are very diverse, which can meet the actual requirements of waste gas treatment in various environments.

Introduction to the 7 basic structures of PP wet scrubber

The PP wet scrubber is composed of tower body, air inlet and outlet, absorption area, demister, circulating water tank, circulating water pump, transparent inspection port, etc.

PP wet scrubber gas function accessories

1. Tower body

The tower body of the PP wet scrubber is usually a vertical cylindrical shape (the installation site is limited and can be designed as a horizontal square shape). The tower diameter and tower height should be determined according to the type of exhaust gas, air volume and other parameters, and the internal spray layer, packing layer, demister layer and supporting reinforcement members should be reasonably distributed. The tower body must be sturdy and durable, and each connection part shall be welded firmly and well sealed to ensure that it will not be welded off, cracked, aging, water leakage, air leakage, etc., in long-term use.

2. Air inlet and outlet

The well-designed air inlet and outlet can make the exhaust gas form a stable airflow in the PP wet scrubber, and evenly pass through the multi-layer components in the tower without being disordered. If the air inlet and outlet are unreasonable, the exhaust gas will form a turbulent flow in the tower, which will blow through the packing layer, reducing the purification rate.

3. Absorption area

This is the core working area of the PP wet scrubber. Each absorption zone is composed of a spray layer and a filler layer. The spray layer sprays sufficient, uniform and full coverage of the absorption liquid on the filler to form a flowing liquid film, and the air in the absorption zone is also covered with mist-like liquid droplets. The exhaust gas passes through the absorption zone from bottom to top, and fully contacts the absorption liquid film and mist droplets in countercurrent flow. The harmful pollutants contained therein are continuously absorbed by the liquid film and droplets and removed from the exhaust gas. The purified gas enters the second-stage absorption zone and is purified again until it reaches the emission standard. Wuxi Jingmuda Environmental Protection will rationally design the absorption zone according to the actual parameters of the project to ensure the efficient operation of our PP wet scrubber.

The spray layer of the absorption zone is a mesh spray system composed of spray pipes with dense pp spiral nozzles (this type of nozzle has a large spray angle, uniform atomization, and is not easy to be blocked). The packing layer is made of Tyler rosettes, Pall rings, hollow balls, Raschig rings and other fillers with very large specific surface areas, which can greatly increase the contact area between the exhaust gas and the packing layer and improve the efficiency of exhaust gas purification.

4. Demister

The gas purified by the wet scrubber will have water mist and must be defogged before it can be discharged. Common demisters include plate type demisters, hollow ball demisters, wire mesh demisters, etc., which are installed on the top of the tower. The wet scrubber produced by Wuxi Jingmuda Environmental Protection has a good defogging effect, which can prevent water vapor from entering the UV photolysis, activated carbon adsorption box and other equipment connected to the back of the tower.

5. Circulating water tank

It is generally square, installed at the bottom of the PP scrubber, and automatically replenishes water through the built-in float valve. The circulating absorption liquid of the PP spray tower is generally clean water, and sodium hydroxide, dilute sulfuric acid or other special agents can also be added through the circulating water tank according to the requirements of the environmental assessment. Wuxi Jingmuda environmental protection equipment can be equipped with automatic dosing devices, flow meters, liquid level meters, ph meters, etc. as needed to meet customer automation requirements.

6. Circulating water pump

Choose anti-corrosion water pump and install it on the circulating water tank. Multiple units can be installed. The water pump draws the absorption liquid from the water tank, sends it to the spray layer in the tower along the spray pipe, and sprays it on the filler. The absorption liquid finally flows into the water storage tank at the bottom of the tower, and then returns to the water tank to form a circulation after filtration. The water pump is the heart of the PP spray tower. Reasonable options and high quality must be used to ensure the efficiency of waste gas treatment in the tower.

7. Transparent viewing hole

Multiple transparent inspection holes will be set on the tower body to facilitate real-time observation of the working conditions in the PP spray tower. During regular maintenance or overhaul, open the transparent window on the inspection hole to perform related operations in the tower, which is convenient and quick.

The main purpose of PP wet scrubber

1. The wet scrubber is mainly used for the preliminary treatment of harmful exhaust gas and viscous gas, which can effectively separate the solids in the gas.

2. The wet scrubber is the main equipment for the limestone wet desulfurization of boiler flue gas. Use limestone or limestone powder as absorbent, and block limestone or lime.

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