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What are the advantages and characteristics of the PP wet scrubber for waste gas treatment?

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PP wet scrubber is generally used for industrial dust removal or waste gas treatment. It can effectively separate the solids in the gas by pre-treating harmful waste gas and viscous gas. The editor of Xicheng Environmental Protection has compiled the following content, and let’s take a look at the advantages and characteristics of PP wet scrubbers.


1. The PP wet scrubber has simple process, low operating cost, convenient installation and corrosion resistance;

2. Stable performance and high purification efficiency;

3. Light weight, convenient for installation, transportation and maintenance management;

4. Especially suitable for water-soluble dust-containing gas;

5. Even internal spraying, large gas-liquid contact area, etc.;

6. The PP scrubber has low noise, stable operation, simple and convenient operation; it is professionally used in the electroplating industry and the acid-base gas produced by the surface treatment of Wuduuo to neutralize. The high-quality PP board is used, and the air volume can be adjusted randomly.

Packing layer inside plastic scrubber


1. Advanced design principles, unique materials, stable performance, simple structure, safe and reliable, energy-saving and labor-saving, no secondary pollution;

2. The equipment occupies a small area, is convenient to maintain, and has low operating costs;

3. The operation resistance of the equipment is low, and the operation status of the equipment can be grasped in time through the instrument;

4. The treatment efficiency is as high as 85% or more, which can meet different conditions of gas use environment;

5. Resistance to chemical corrosion and weathering;

6. The PP wet scrubber is particularly stable to water, and its water absorption rate in water for 14 hours is only 0.01%. The molecular weight is between 80,000 and 150,000, and the moldability is good;

7. With high crystallinity and regular structure, it has excellent mechanical properties. Its strength, hardness and elasticity are higher than those of high-density PE (HDPE). The outstanding feature is the resistance to bending fatigue (7×10^7) times of opening and closing bending without damage, and the coefficient of dry friction is similar to that of nylon;

8. The PP wet scrubber has good chemical stability. In addition to being corroded by concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, it is relatively stable to other chemical reagents.

9. The external dimensions of the PP wet scrubber can be customized according to the customer's site and exhaust air volume requirements.

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