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Wet scrubber type introduction

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The primary task of any scrubber is to remove harmful gases and particulates from industrial chimneys before venting them into the atmosphere. There are two primary types of scrubbers: wet scrubbers and dry scrubbers. These scrubbers can cut emissions by up to 90%, which causes smog and acid rain. Wet scrubbers are functional air pollution control equipment for removing particles or gases in industrial waste gas. How does the damp scrubber work? Wet scrubbers operate by introducing scrubbing fluid (usually water) into the dirty airflow. The particles or gases are collected in the scrubbing liquid. There is no doubt that wet scrubbers are the most suitable air pollution control equipment for collecting particulates and gases in a single system. Compared with other air pollution control equipment, the disciplines of scrubbing towers are vast: they have the ability to remove solids, mist, and gas at the same time and provide cooling. These modern air pollution control devices can also safely handle explosive and flammable gases.

There are several types of scrubbers:

Chemical scrubber/gas scrubber. By ensuring proper contact time between the gas and the scrubbing liquid, a valuable gas scrubbing tower removal power can be reached. These systems combine the scrubbing vessel with system fans, circulating pumps, instruments and control equipment, demisters, and exhaust chimneys. The packed bed scrubber contains random packing to promote gas-liquid contact.

Particle scrubbing tower/Venturi scrubbing tower. This kind of air pollution control equipment can handle air streams containing moisture or high temperature. The overall size of the equipment is generally small, and it has the potential to remove pollutant gases together with particulates.

Ammonia scrubs the tower. Ammonia solution has a high vapor pressure, which prevents ordinary water from being recycled in wet, dry, or packed scrubber systems. After each passing through the air scrubber, the water must be discarded.

Chlorine scrubber. Chlorine is a common by-product of many chemical reactions. Power is crucial for the chlorine scrubbing tower. Wet chlorine scrubbing towers may use multi-stage removal methods, depending on the initial pollutant load.

Particle/dust scrubber. Inject liquid (usually water) and trap particles from the exhaust gas stream, and collect them in a sump for confirmation. The processed airflow is exhausted through the exhaust chimney.

Sulfuric acid scrubber. The wet air scrubber removes contaminants by injecting liquid into the air stream. Regarding the sulfuric acid scrubbing tower, power is of the essence. Sulfuric acid gas is highly toxic.

Industrial waste gas emissions need to undergo strict purification treatment to reduce harmful gas emissions. Before choosing to purchase a scrubber, you need to customize professional waste gas treatment equipment.

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