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Wet scrubber rosette packing product introduction

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Specializing in the production of wet scrubber rosette packing, made of PP polypropylene, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. The wet scrubber rosette packing is a kind of tower packing with high efficiency and low pressure loss. The spray liquid in the scrubber and the exhaust gas collide with each other to form misty droplets that surround the entire packing layer. The garland packing can reduce the static pressure loss of 40℅~50℅ under the same volume, and the volume can be reduced by 35℅~50℅ under the same pressure drop. The scrubber garland packing has a large porosity and a high vapor-liquid transfer coefficient, and its treatment efficiency is higher. The efficiency of other types of packing is increased by 26℅~35℅. Scrubber rosette packing is mainly installed on the packing layer of waste gas treatment equipment, used for the purification of acidic waste gas and the treatment of toxic and harmful gases. Scrubber rosette packing is widely used in acid mist purification tower, PP caustic washing tower, glass fiber reinforced plastic spray tower, etc.

Working principle of scrubber garland packing

Scrubber rosette packing mainly uses its unique structure and shape to have multiple distribution points and contact surface areas, and it is in point contact with exhaust gas or waste liquid to remove particles in gas and liquid and absorb harmful corrosive gases. When in use, the liquid or gas is channeled into the packed bed in the opposite direction, the gas passes through the distribution plate, and the gas is evenly distributed in the spherical Raschig ring Trari packing, each is in point contact, and the contact surface area is used to remove the gas and liquid. The particles in it absorb harmful gases.

Garland packing

Performance characteristics of scrubber rosette packing

  • High speed

  • More leaves;

  • Low resistance;

  • Large specific surface area.

Instructions for Ordering Scrubber Garland Packing

Packing form is woven bag

Provide quantity (cubic number)

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