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Wet scrubber manufacturing production

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The wet scrubber is suitable for purifying and treating acid gases such as hydrochloric acid mist, sulfuric acid mist, oxygen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, alkali vapor, and chromic acid mist at room temperature. The acid mist exhaust gas is forced into the fan's purification tower and passes through the secondary spray and packing layer. The exhaust gas and the sodium hydroxide solution are fully contacted with the sodium hydroxide solution in gas-liquid two-phase contact to absorb and neutralize the reaction. After the acid mist exhaust gas is purified, it is discharged outdoors through deliquoring treatment.

The wet scrubber has a beautiful appearance, compact structure, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, high strength, high purification efficiency, low resistance, low energy consumption, and convenient installation and maintenance management. It is currently the ideal purification equipment in China. The purified acid mist exhaust gas Significantly more inferior than the national emission standards.

Wet scrubber structure:

    The wet scrubber is an exhaust gas purification equipment with glass fiber reinforced plastic and PP plastic as the primary material. It has high purification efficiency, compact structure, small footprint, good corrosion resistance, good aging resistance, lightweight, easy installation, transportation, and management.

Maintenance and other features:

    The design of the purification tower is reasonable. Due to the empty building's low velocity, the reaction contact time is sufficient, and the resistance loss is slight. It adopts a new type of stepped ring packing (or spherical multi-faceted packing), which has a large specific surface area and good gas-liquid contact exchange performance. The gas-liquid ratio is 9-1, and the absorption efficiency is high. The double-stage spray and packing layer of heavy benefit is reasonably used inside the tower body and the spray cross cloth, which significantly improves the purification efficiency.

    The purification tower is suitable for treating acid mist exhaust gas from pickling corrosion in steel, chemical industry, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, electroplating, etc. It is also ideal for the treatment of waste gas containing lead and mercury. The purification tower is mainly made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and plastic materials. It has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, flame retardancy, etc. It also has strong environmental adaptability and is not restricted by climate change; whether it is the hot south or the cold north Can be used.

A detailed description of wet scrubber:

    (1) Composite glass fiber reinforced plastic liquid storage tank, liquid adding pipe, a filtrate device is added to the suction pipe. The air inlet section is made of composite glass fiber reinforced plastic.

    (2) The first and second spraying sections all use a row of Y-1 nylon nozzles, Paul ring filter material, and plexiglass inspection holes.

    (3) The effective water-retaining section is equipped with a swirling plate to prevent water.

    (4) FRP hood cover.

    (5) Glass fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal fan.

    (6) Plastic water pump or stainless steel centrifugal pump.

    (7) Other accessories such as plastic pipe fittings, valves, fixed brackets, maintenance ladders, air inlet pipes, etc.

Wet scrubber manufacturing production

Wet scrubber design and customization

The scrubber is a filtering system for the purification and treatment of exhaust gas. In the manufacturing process, products need to be designed due to different product types. The purification system should be prepared to create the filtration scheme, product size design, air duct system installation, air duct valve installation, etc. These services require professional waste gas treatment agencies to plan.

Custom production steps:

  •  Communicate product requirements and understand the production environment of the manufacturer

  •  Purification system plan planning, product design according to demand

  •  Communicate the purification plan to determine the final product specification design

  •  Manufacturing of wet scrubber

  •  Product transportation and installation

  •  After-sales and post-product maintenance

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