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Wet scrubber automatic dosing device

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The automatic dosing device of the wet scrubber integrates the PP dosing mixing tank, PH ONLINE DETECTION, electronic control system and liquid level gauge. The automatic dosing equipment realizes the purpose of adding acid at high level or adding alkali at low level according to the pH value interval set by the control system. A certain concentration of chemicals is automatically added to the circulating water tank of the scrubber through a metering pump, and the acid and alkali waste gas is in the packing layer and contacts the sprayed chemicals to achieve the purpose of absorbing and neutralizing the acid and alkali waste gas.

Working principle

The reason why the automatic dosing device of the wet scrubber can realize the "automatic dosing" function is that the core of its operation relies on a PH real-time online detection device. Or add acid at a high point, and drive the operation of the dosing metering pump through the electronic control device to achieve the purpose of automatic dosing.

Features of automatic dosing device

  • high degree of automation;

  • Light weight, using PP plastic bucket;

  • Anti-corrosion and long service life

  • Strong expansibility, one barrel of multiple pumps can be expanded according to user needs.

Composition of automatic dosing device for wet scrubber

The automatic dosing device includes: dissolving drug preparation system, metering dosing system, pipeline safety system, and control system. The control system integrates PH online feedback and liquid level detection. The whole system can realize the preparation and dosing of NaOH sodium hydroxide solution. All systems are integrated on the same basic platform, which is convenient for movement and installation. Only water and electricity need to be connected to the site. The following will introduce what equipment is included in the structure of the automatic dosing device for wet scrubbers.

  • Chemical tank: Dosing and stirring, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, volume can be customized, water inlet, drug outlet, exhaust port, exhaust port;

  • Dosing mixer: vertical structure, cycloidal pinwheel deceleration principle, speed ratio is 11\17\23, the stirring blade is made of stainless steel, lined with plastic for anti-corrosion, and the blade has push-flow and folding type;

  • Liquid level gauge: magnetic flap liquid level, flange installation on the side of the tank, with magnetic switch, low liquid level alarm, low and low protection, high liquid level stop water inflow;

  • Water inlet solenoid valve: installed in the water inlet pipeline, 220V control access to the electric cabinet;

  • Dosing metering pump: mechanical diaphragm type, optional flow, optional pressure;

  • PH online detection controller & PH electrode, range 1-14, relay/RS485 signal output;

  • Medicine parts: pulse damper, safety valve, back pressure valve, flow meter, Y-type filter, UPVC ball valve, pipeline;

  • Electric control system: stainless steel cabinet, double door structure, integrated PH controller, contactor, thermal relay, Schneider components.

  • Installation platform: carbon steel platform, integrated installation of the above components, integrated delivery.

Selection method of automatic dosing device for wet scrubber

The automatic dosing device for WET SCRUBBERS designed and manufactured by Xicheng EP LTD according to customer needs is actually an integrated work. According to the needs of users for dosing, different specifications of metering pumps, dosing mixing barrels, mixers and pipes are configured. The quotation of the product It is also reported according to the needs of users, single-drum single-pump structure, single-drum double-pump structure (one use and one standby structure), different scheme designs and quotations can be provided according to customer needs.

scrubber automatic dosing device

Industrial application of wet scrubber automatic dosing device

  • Acid mist absorption tower, circulating water tank NAOH sodium hydroxide dosage;

  • Acid-base neutralization tank NAOH sodium hydroxide agent dosage;

  • Waste water tank, PH adjusting agent dosing;

  • Production process, adding sulfuric acid.

Device installation

Preparation of sodium hydroxide
Open the water inlet solenoid valve, turn on the mixer, and manually put the sodium hydroxide dry powder from the feed port. When the liquid level reaches the high liquid level, the water inlet will be automatically stopped, and the time relay will control the mixer to stop stirring for 30 minutes, and the preparation is complete.

dosing of medicine
A set of PH online detection devices are installed in the circulating water tank of the wet scrubber, which can accurately collect the PH value (1-14) in the scrubber in real time, and transmit the PH signal to the PH controller of the electric control box. When the PH value in the scrubber is detected to be lower than 7, the dosing metering pump will be automatically activated, and the NAOH agent in the chemical tank will be transported to the scrubber circulating water tank. is substituted into the spray packing layer.

When the liquid level in the dosing barrel reaches the low level, the electronically controlled honey device will alarm for lack of medicine, prompting manual preparation of medicine.

Linkage control
The dosing system can be linked with third-party signals. In the application of the waste gas scrubber dosing, the exhaust fan can be linked, and the fan controller sends a running signal to the dosing system to realize the fan start and the dosing system follow-up. This item requires the fan control to have an output signal function.

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