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Wet Scrubber for the dust collector in die casting workshop

Views: 5     Author: Leander     Publish Time: 2020-10-31      Origin: Shenzhen XIcheng Environmental Technology CO.,LTD.

                           Wet Scrubber for the dust collector in die casting workshop

    For a long time, the die-casting workshop has given people the impression of "smoggy and harsh environment". Due to the die-casting production process, high-temperature smelting, transportation, and cooling of metal alloys generate dust, and a large amount of release agents are used during spraying, resulting in "three big question" such as high temperature, high dust, and high corrosive gas inside the workshop. This has become a problem that plagues die casting companies. Today everyone introduces the spray tower( in water scrubber), the dust treatment equipment in the metal die casting workshop.

                                                                              Metal die casting processing method:

    Metal die-casting dust is high-temperature metal dust, which can be treated by wet dust removal process. The spray tower is a kind of dust removal equipment using wet dust removal technology, which can be made of stainless steel, iron, PP and other materials.

                                                        The principle of spray tower treatment of metal die casting dust:

    The spray tower is composed of tower body, spray layer, defogging layer and other components. The metal die-casting dust enters the bottom of the stainless steel spray tower under the action of the fan, and the spray system sprays water downwards. In the pool, the purified air is discharged from the top defogging layer after drying treatment.

                                                        Advantages of choosing spray tower to deal with metal die casting dust:

    The spray tower adopts a wet dust removal process, which can prevent metal dust explosions, and at the same time play a role in cooling, and the purification efficiency is as high as 95%. Xicheng environmental protection spray tower can customize the corresponding air volume configuration according to the needs of enterprises.

    The treatment of metal die-casting dust has always been a thorny problem for enterprises. The application of spray towers can solve the problem of dust and exhaust gas emissions in metal die-casting workshops.

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