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Wet Scrubber Cost

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Wet scrubbers make dust-containing gases come into close contact with liquid (usually water), and use functions such as the inertial collision of water droplets and particles or the full mixing effect of water and dust to intercept, increase or leave particles in a fixed container to reach the interior. A device with water and dust separation effect. There are three common types of wet scrubbers: packed bed scrubbers, venturi scrubbers, and spray scrubbers.

wet scrubber dust collector

Wet scrubber manufacturing cost

The cost of a wet scrubber can be affected by a variety of factors, here are some factors that may affect its cost:

  1. Equipment scale: The size and processing capacity of the scrubber will directly affect the cost. The size of the scrubber needs to be determined based on the actual amount of waste gas emissions treated.

  2. Material selection: Different materials have different prices, such as stainless steel, fiberglass, PP plastic, etc.

  3. Technology requirements: Efficient scrubbers may require more advanced technology, which also increases costs.

  4. Configuration and accessories: The quality and quantity of accessories such as nozzles, pumps, control systems, etc. also affect the cost.

  5. Installation and commissioning: Installation costs and the time and labor costs required for commissioning also need to be considered.

  6. Operation and maintenance costs: including energy consumption, washing liquid consumption, equipment maintenance and other costs.

wet scrubber system

Manufacturer and Brand: Product prices from different manufacturers may vary. To get an accurate idea of the cost of a wet scrubber, it's best to check with the supplier or manufacturer, who can provide a detailed quote based on your specific needs. At the same time, factors such as equipment performance, quality, and long-term operating costs also need to be comprehensively considered to ensure that the most appropriate scrubber solution is selected.

What is wet scrubber technology?

Wet scrubber technology is a method used to purify exhaust gas. It purifies exhaust gas by contacting the exhaust gas with a liquid (usually water) so that the pollutants in the exhaust gas are dissolved or trapped in the liquid.

The working principle of wet scrubber technology mainly includes the following steps:

  • Exhaust gas entry: Exhaust gas enters the wet scrubber through the air inlet pipe.

  • Liquid spray: Inside the scrubber, liquid (usually water) is evenly sprayed into the exhaust gas through a spray device to form fine droplets.

  • Contact and reaction: Pollutants in the exhaust gas come into contact with the droplets and undergo chemical reactions or physical absorption, and the pollutants are dissolved or adsorbed on the droplets.

  • Droplet separation: Droplets containing pollutants are separated from the exhaust gas through gravity sedimentation, inertial separation or other separation methods in the scrubber.

  • Purified gas discharge: The purified exhaust gas is discharged from the scrubber through the gas outlet pipe.

Advantages of wet scrubber technology include:

  • Efficient purification: It can effectively remove particulate matter, gaseous pollutants and odors in exhaust gas.

  • Wide scope of application: It can be used to treat various types of exhaust gases, such as dust, smoke, sulfides, nitrogen oxides, etc.

  • Simple operation: relatively easy to operate and maintain.

  • Low energy consumption: Generally no additional energy is required to drive the washing process.

However, wet scrubber technology also has some limitations, such as the need to process waste liquid, possible secondary pollution, and possible freezing problems in low-temperature environments. In practical applications, it is necessary to select the appropriate wet scrubber type according to the specific exhaust gas characteristics and treatment requirements, and carry out reasonable design and operation to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the technology

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