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Wet Packed Scrubber Systems

Wet Packed Scrubber Systems are packed column scrubbers. A packed column scrubber, also known as a packed bed scrubber or packed column scrubber, is a wet scrubber designed specifically to chemically scrub gaseous pollutants in gas streams. When properly designed, these scrubbers can successfully absorb and neutralize harmful and toxic airflow, releasing clean air into the atmosphere.
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What sets Wet Packed Scrubber Systems apart from other wet scrubbers is the internal packing inside the scrubbing vessel. This packing provides a large wetted surface where the contaminated air flow comes into contact with the washing liquid of the equipment. Depending on the scrubbing liquid used and the gaseous pollutants involved, the liquid will absorb or react with the pollutants in the gas stream, effectively removing them from the air. Alkaline, acidic or oxidizing detergents are typically used in the recirculated wash liquor to achieve the desired outlet discharge.

For vertical countercurrent scrubber operation, the contaminated gas will flow up through the bed of the vessel, while the scrubbing liquid is gravitationally flushed down through the bed. At the top of the scrubber, a liquid distribution header evenly distributes the scrubbing solution so that the liquid is evenly distributed on top of the packing. The extended contact time between air and liquid enables the scrubber to absorb or react with contaminants as the air moves up through the packing. Before the scrubbed air leaves the container, it passes through a mesh or chevron mist eliminator to remove any entrained droplets, ensuring the highest quality outlet airflow.

The composition of a particular gas stream and desired removal efficiency will be used to determine the characteristics of the scrubber, including its bed depth, packing size, irrigation rate, and chemicals used.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Xicheng Ep Ltd can provide you with professional and comprehensive exhaust gas solutions, customize the size of the filler scrubber and the equipment configuration of the exhaust gas scrubber system according to the actual exhaust gas discharge air volume. Just to provide you with the most efficient exhaust gas treatment equipment.

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