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Water scrubber for biogas device

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【Water scrubber device structure】

The packing layer in the  Water scrubber device is used as the waste gas treatment equipment of the contact member between the gas and liquid phases. A packing support plate is installed at the bottom of the packed tower, and the packing is placed on the support plate in a random manner. A packing pressure plate is installed above the packing to prevent it from being blown by the updraft. The spray liquid of the spray tower is sprayed onto the packing from the top of the tower through the liquid distributor, and flows down along the surface of the packing.

The gas is fed from the bottom of the spray tower, and after being distributed by the gas distribution device, it continuously passes through the gap of the packing layer in countercurrent to the liquid. On the surface of the packing, the gas-liquid two phases are in close contact for mass transfer.

When the liquid flows down the packing layer, the phenomenon of wall flow sometimes occurs. The wall flow effect causes uneven distribution of the gas-liquid two phases in the packing layer, thereby reducing the mass transfer efficiency. Therefore, the packing layer in the Water scrubber device is divided into two sections, and a redistribution device is set in the middle, and after redistribution, it is sprayed onto the lower layer of packing.

【Working principle of Water scrubber device】

The acid mist exhaust gas is introduced into the acid mist purification tower through the air duct. After passing through the packing layer, the exhaust gas and the sodium hydroxide absorption liquid undergo gas-liquid two-phase full contact absorption and neutralization reaction. It is then discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. The absorption liquid is pressurized by the water pump at the bottom of the Water scrubber and then sprayed down at the top of the tower, and then returned to the bottom of the tower for recycling. The purified acid mist exhaust gas meets the emission requirements of the local emission standards of Guangdong Province, which is lower than the national emission standards.

water scrubber system

【Characteristics of Water scrubber device】

1. The Water scrubber device adopts a packed tower to purify the waste gas, which is suitable for continuous and intermittent waste gas treatment;

2. The process of the water scrubber is simple, the management, operation and maintenance are quite convenient and concise, and it will not cause any impact on the production of the workshop;

3. The Water scrubber device has a wide range of applications and can purify a variety of pollutants at the same time; the pressure drop is low, the operation flexibility is large, and it has good demisting performance;

4. The Water scrubber device can be made of FRP/PP/PVC and other materials according to the actual situation; the packing is made of high-efficiency and low-resistance Pall rings, which can completely remove the odor and harmful substances in the gas.

【Application of water scrubber device】

The water scrubber device can be widely used in the purification treatment of acid and alkaline waste gas discharged in the process of chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, electroplating, textile (chemical fiber), food, feed, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Such as seasoning food, acid making, pickling, electroplating, electrolysis, storage battery, etc.

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