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Voc Scrubber

VOC scrubbers are designed to capture and treat VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) produced in industrial processes. VOCs are organic compounds with very low boiling points that turn into vapors under atmospheric conditions. Not all VOCs are toxic, but most of them are and should be controlled within the limits of PCB and EPA regulations. Toxic VOCs are classified as HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants).
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VOCs have higher molecular weights and are easily captured/adsorbed by adsorption media. For these VOCs, Xicheng dry VOC scrubbers are an economical capture and control option. In some cases, the cost of VOCs can be high, and the use of regenerative dry scrubbers to recover such VOCs yields a high return on investment. But some VOCs are not captured by adsorption media and are highly flammable. In this case, installing a thermal oxidizer or catalytic oxidizer would be a better choice. In some cases, the condensation of the VOC itself alone can help capture it. In this case, a simple spray scrubber will suffice.

The effective and efficient capture and control of VOCs requires a thorough understanding of the processes, types and amounts of VOCs present and their nature, temperature, and presence of other components and dusts. We have a strong team of consultants and engineers with expertise in VOCs in various industries In-depth knowledge of scrubber system design and commissioning helps us design better, more economical solutions for your VOC and other air pollution control needs. Please feel free to contact us to help you choose an efficient and economical scrubber system for your specific process and pollution control needs.



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