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VOCs exhaust gas treatment equipment is very important to purify wet scrubbers

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Among the types of industrial waste gas, corrosive gases account for a certain proportion. The management of corrosive gases (such as acid and alkaline waste gas) is mostly managed by liquid absorption. This method has high purification efficiency and is simple and convenient to operate. The most commonly used equipment is waste gas treatment. Equipment to purify acid scrubber. It has the characteristics of high purification efficiency, simple operation and management, long life, low power consumption, and wide application range.

The daily maintenance needs to pay attention to:

1. When the exhaust gas treatment equipment purification cleaning tower is used outdoors, take anti-freezing measures to the bottom pool components of the tower body in winter.

2. Regularly check the purification degree of the gas in the bottom pool of the tower body and the exhaust port according to the conditions of use, and replace the absorption liquid in the bottom pool when it exceeds the standard.

3. It is best to inspect and clean between 1 and a half years to 2 years of use.

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Exhaust gas treatment equipment, VOCs exhaust gas treatment equipment

The purification and cleaning tower of exhaust gas treatment equipment can effectively remove hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), chromic acid mist, cyanohydrogen acid gas (HCN), hydrogen chloride gas (HCl), ammonia (NH3), sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4), alkali vapor (NaOH) exhaust gas or pipeline exhaust gas and sodium hydride absorption liquid are fully contacted and absorbed and reacted in the gas-liquid two-phase. After the exhaust gas is purified, it is dehydrated and anti-fogged by the anti-fogging board, and the absorption liquid discharged from the fan to the atmosphere is in the tower After the bottom is pressurized by the water pump, it will take a shower at the top of the tower and return to the bottom of the tower for recycling. The scrubber system purified by RTO exhaust gas treatment equipment is used to purify exhaust gas. It is suitable for continuous and intermittent exhaust gas management. The management technology is simple, management, operation and maintenance are very convenient and simple, and it can simultaneously purify multiple pollutants that do not have any impact on factory production. , Low pressure loss, strong operating flexibility The filler uses high-efficiency and low-resistance plastic polyhedral balls, which can completely remove the odorous and harmful substances in the gas.

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