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Two different structure of wet scrubber-spray tower and swirl tower

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Two different structure of wet scrubber-spray tower and swirl tower

Wet scrubber

Both spray tower and swirl tower need to use water spray to wash and purify exhaust gas, so they can be called scrubbing tower. The appearance structure of the spray tower and the swirl tower are the same; due to the difference in the treatment of waste gas, the structure and function of the tower are different.

1.) The spray tower and the swirl tower have the same structure.

The structure is divided into: tower bottom, tower body, packing layer, spray defogging layer, spray system, and discharge. The bottom of the tower refers to the water tank and the air inlet, the body of the tower refers to the spray system and the filler filter layer, and the demister layer refers to the top filler dewatering layer. The diameter of the tower body changes to the size of the discharge pipe. een

2.) The spray tower is a spray tower structure for processing common industrial waste gas.

     ①Tower bottom: refers to the combination of water tank, water pump and air inlet, mainly the gas from bottom to top, spray system, nozzle distributor liquid from top to bottom two-phase countercurrent to produce neutralization reaction liquid falling into the bottom of the tower,

      ②Spray tower body: refers to the combination of grid plate, packing layer, window and spray system distributor. The packing can make the waste gas and the liquid play a neutralizing absorption and filtering function in the tower, and the window can play From the outside of the tower, see whether the sprinkler pipe system and nozzles are blocked, which is easy to repair and clean. Spraying means that the water pump draws water from the bottom of the tower through the spray pipe to the nozzle to disperse the water mist, penetrate the packing layer and flow into the bottom of the tower, so that the water source can be reused.

      ③ Demister size head: grille plate, filler, window. The packing acts as a defogging and cannot let the moisture follow the gas out and discharge.

3.) Swirl tower is a dust treatment equipment. The structure is the same as that of spray tower. It is mainly changed from grid plate packing to swirl blade and spray system. From the bottom right to the top, they are: clockwise blades plus spray system; counterclockwise blades plus spray system, which has a positive and negative two-phase gas phase change, so that dust flows into the bottom of the tower; To a point where water cannot be discharged with the outflow of gas.

The spray tower and the swirl tower can be made of PP sheet or PP flame retardant sheet, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, simple production, easy operation and low cost.

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