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The working principle of flue gas scrubber

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The flue gas scrubber should effectively treat the toxic and harmful substances contained in the flue gas to the specified concentration, and should avoid corrosion or blockage of the equipment. Generally, flue gas scrubbers used in waste incineration plants are divided into two categories: dust removal equipment and acid gas removal equipment. Now, as people's requirements for environmental quality increase, most waste incineration plants have added activated carbon adsorption equipment for heavy metals in the flue gas treatment process.

The flue gas treatment equipment mainly includes flue gas desulfurization tower, flue gas scrubber, absorption tower, absorption medium transmission pipe network, chimney, flue, etc., which are mainly used in electric power, chemical industry, coking, metallurgy and other industries. Let me briefly explain:

flue gas treatment equipment

Introduction and working principle of flue gas scrubber

The flue gas scrubber is perfect for the removal of flue gas, oil and natural gas, small solid particles, industrial dust and other pollutants, especially in the treatment of waste gas from plastic granulation. After purification, it can achieve visual smokelessness, and the purification efficiency can reach 95-99% of the smoke purifier. To

The exhaust gas containing smoke and dust particles is sucked into the purification tower, through the packing layer, the exhaust gas and the sodium hydroxide absorption liquid are fully contacted in the gas-liquid two-phase absorption and neutralization reaction. The fan is discharged into the atmosphere. The absorption liquid is sprayed down at the top of the tower after being pressurized by a water pump at the bottom of the tower, and finally returned to the bottom of the tower for recycling. The purified acid mist exhaust gas meets the emission requirements of the local emission standards of Guangdong Province, which is lower than the national emission standards.

Subsequently, it is discharged through the oil discharge channel, and the remaining micron-sized mist electric field is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water to discharge clean air. At the same time, under the action of the high-voltage generator, the air in the electric field produces ozone, and a part of the flue gas is removed.

Applicable industries of flue gas scrubber

Recycled granulation industry, rubber vulcanization industry, injection molding waste gas treatment, food industry, catering industry, leather industry, printing and dyeing coating industry, other industries that may generate smoke, etc.

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