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The wide use of polypropylene (PP) sheet in daily life

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With the continuous emergence of new materials, many high-quality materials also appear in our lives. The Pp board will be used to varying degrees in our lives and businesses. It has many advantages, such as high strength, high hardness, heat insulation and so on. Where can pp board applications be reflected? What are the advantages of polypropylene board? This will benefit your future use.

Use of polypropylene board

1. In life, due to its rich color variety, polypropylene boards of different colors and thicknesses can be made into various daily necessities, such as cups, transparent lunch boxes, cutting boards, plates, partitions, plates, benches, tables, stationery Boxes, storage boxes, plates and some decorations. This may be because people do not know much about the characteristics and functions of polypropylene sheets, and such products are not common in our daily lives. However, polypropylene sheets are widely used in various industries.

2. In the industry, the environmental protection industry should be widely used. Perhaps it is because polypropylene sheet has outstanding physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, or because it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, long service life and low price. In the environmental protection industry, industrial environmental protection products are made, such as garbage recycling bins, water tanks, sewage treatment tanks, polypropylene washing towers and various accessories, ventilation pipes, and waste gas treatment equipment. It can be used to protect the outer packaging of fragile, easily scratched, rusty and conductive products.


3. Polypropylene extruded sheet has the characteristics of lightweight, uniform thickness, smooth and flat surface, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability, electrical insulation, and non-toxicity. PP board is widely used in chemical containers, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, food packaging, medicine, decoration, water treatment and other fields.

Advantages of polypropylene board:

1. Excellent heat resistance. Expanded polystyrene is usually used under 80, expanded polyethylene can only be resistant to 70-80, and expanded polypropylene can only be resistant to 120. When foamed polypropylene is placed at 120 for 22 hours, its size shrinks

2. Excellent mechanical properties. Its mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and tear strength are in high-grade foam. Its compressive strength is lower than hard polyurethane and expanded polystyrene, but higher than soft polyurethane, that is, it has medium compressive strength.

3. Excellent thermal insulation performance. Foamed polypropylene, like foamed polyethylene, has a closed-cell structure, so its thermal conductivity will not be affected by humidity. Because its thermal conductivity is lower than that of foamed polyethylene, it has significant thermal insulation performance and can be used as an advanced thermal insulation material.

4. Good elasticity and high impact energy absorption capacity.

5. Good resistance to stress cracking. Compared with foamed polystyrene, it does not release toxic gas when burned. Can be recycled.

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