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The principle and ap air volume control valve air volume control valve

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The air volume control valve has a basic structure: to place a (baffle plate) in the center of the air duct. The valve plate can rotate around an intermediate shaft parallel to the valve plate. Become an electric multi-leaf air volume control valve.

Air volume control valves are generally divided into the following types:

(1) Electric air volume control valve

(2) Manual air volume control valve

(3) Venturi air volume valve

(4) Variable air volume butterfly valve

(5) Check valve


The constant flow function of the air volume regulating valve is realized by the contraction and expansion/contraction of the silicon capsule located in the middle of the balancer. The principle is that the built-in silicon capsule with the adjustable cross-sectional area can automatically adjust the cross-sectional area when the wind pressure and air volume change and keep the air volume stable in the wind pressure range 50-200pa and high pressure in the range of 150-600pa. There is no need for power control, no initial adjustment, no maintenance, 30-year service life, stable work under -10-60 feeding degree environment.

The air volume control valve has the following characteristics:

1. The role of water balance. The air volume distribution in various ventilation systems is reasonable, ensuring reliable fresh air distribution in different areas.

2. The function of energy-saving and precise control of air volume. On the premise of ensuring the fresh air volume, the system runs energy-saving and low-consumption

3. It is widely used in the industrial waste gas treatment industry, which can accurately control waste gas emissions and prevent the backflow of toxic waste gas.

4. The effect of reducing noise. It can effectively reduce wind noise and other noise in the air duct, especially in the exhaust system of industrial production and office buildings, replacing exhaust fans, significantly reducing noise, saving energy, and maintaining continuous ventilation.

The constant air volume regulator with nothing to do with the pipeline pressure is used in the central fresh air system and exhaust system to effectively ensure the continuous new air volume and exhaust volume effectively and accurately control the air volume and reduce noise. They are usually used in a large area in the air duct system of the central fresh air system and exhaust system of hotels, hospitals, office buildings, and other places to replace traditional manual valves and exhaust fans.

The air volume control valve has a range:

The electric air volume control valve is suitable for industrial waste gas treatment, civil building HVAC systems, ventilation equipment in school laboratories, and hospital ventilation and exhaust systems. It is one of the vital equipment to control ventilation modes in various environments. Its main features are flexible operation, low noise, small leakage (closed type leakage> 0.5%), wide operating temperature range, reliable structure, safe and convenience.

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