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The necessity for enterprises to install industrial waste gas treatment equipment

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In recent years, industrial technology development has entered a new stage, bringing drastic improvements to our work and life. Still, industrial technology is a double-edged sword, and its product has advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, the development of industrial technology has improved production efficiency and living standards. Driven by industrial technology, communication is more convenient, travel is more convenient, society develops faster, and the country is more substantial. However, at the same time, with the development of industrial technology, products are updated rapidly, resources are consumed, and the number of newly-built enterprise plants increases. Substandard emissions are becoming more and more serious, which brings a heavier burden to the environment.

The hazards of exhaust gas pollution

In industrial production, various waste gases are unavoidable; such as carbon dioxide, carbon disulphide, hydrogen sulphide, fluoride, nitrogen oxide, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, carbon monoxide, sulfuric acid (mist), lead mercury, beryllium, benzene, toluene, xylene, Butanone, lipids, ethers, resins, alcohols (mostly methanol, ethanol, propanol), esters, ethers, acetone and other ketones, alcohols, ethers, esters, alcohols, phenols, Smoke and productive dust, etc., in industrial production, if the exhaust gas treatment equipment is not equipped, it will mainly have three effects. The first is the harm to the human body. Most industrial exhaust gas is a harmful gas, which can enter the human body through the respiratory tract in different ways. Some directly cause harm, and some also accumulate, which will cause more severe damage to human health and will seriously reduce the working environment of workers, causing difficulties in recruiting enterprises. Then the impact on the surrounding environment, industrial waste gas will not be treated without treatment. Exhaust into the air will reduce air and water quality, directly or indirectly enter into animals and plants, causing more severe consequences; finally, there is a potential fire or explosion hazard. Industrial exhaust gas is mostly flammable and explosive exhaust gas, and there is no relevant testing and Disposal of equipment can easily cause fire or explosion, which can cause severe economic losses to the enterprise.

Environmental protection policy

Environmental protection is the country's basic policy. Regarding environmental protection, the government has three significant policies, namely "prevention first, combined prevention and control policy", "whoever pollutes, who controls policy", and "strengthening environmental management policy". While pursuing environmental protection policies, the country is also deepening the awareness of environmental protection in the hearts of every citizen, striving to make everyone a guardian of ecological protection.

Environmental protection is the foundation of sustainable development for individuals, enterprises, and the country, and it is a general trend in the future. For enterprises, whether it is environmental protection, physical health, bigger and stronger, or respond to national policies, processing industrial waste gas and meeting emission standards are the top priorities.

Effects of Air Pollution

The impact of environmental protection on the future of enterprises

From the perspective of the enterprise, if the exhaust gas treatment equipment is not installed, it will lag behind the society and the country, and its future development prospects are limited. In summary, companies must install industrial waste gas treatment equipment.

Organic waste gas treatment methods for industrial waste gas treatment:

  • The industrial waste gas isolation method

  • Exhaust emission combustion-supporting method

  • Gas scrubber absorption method

  • Waste gas treatment condensation method

  • Isometric low-temperature catalytic oxidation method

  • Activated carbon adsorption device adsorption method

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