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The main functions and characteristics of the air valve

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The air valve is an indispensable central air-conditioning terminal accessory in the ventilation, air scheduling and air purification engineering of industrial plants and civil buildings. It is generally used in air conditioning and ventilation system pipes to control the air volume of branch pipes. It can also be used for fresh air and return air. Mixed scheduling.

1. Structural characteristics of the air valve

  • The air volume control valve has four specifications when the blade width is all the same. The blade shape is a diamond-shaped double blade, and the blades are soft overlapped, so the sealing performance is excellent.

  • The valve body frame of the air volume dispatching valve is formed by cold rolling of 2mm galvanized sheet and then welded by maintenance welding of carbon dioxide gas or processed and welded from general Q235 sheet; the blade is cold-rolled with 1mm galvanized sheet into a corrugated shape, two pieces It is composed of spot welding inserting square shaft, or 2mm G235 steel plate cold forming, single-piece punching inserting square shaft or welding round shaft.

  • The dispatching valve is divided into manual and electric. According to the materials used, it is divided into four types: carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum alloy plate, and stainless steel plate. The valve body structure and specifications are the same.


2.the characteristics of the air valve

  1. The takeover standard of the split multi-leaf air volume dispatching valve is the same as the rectangular air duct standard of the national ventilation duct standardization.

  2. The blades of the air volume dispatching valve are side-opening and forward-opening, which are used as dispatching valves in ventilation, air dispatching and air purification systems.

  3. According to the test, the air-tightness of the air volume dispatching valve is good, and its relative air leakage is about 5%, and the dispatching performance is good.

3.the scope of application of the air valve

It is widely used in industrial, mining, and civil building HVAC systems to accurately schedule air flow. It is one of the key equipment for controlling ventilation modes in various environments. Its main features are flexible work, low noise, small leakage, reliable structure, safety and convenience.

The above are the main functions and features of the air valve. There are also different types of air valve for different occasions and needs.

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