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The importance of industrial waste gas treatment

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Nowadays, industrial production and manufacturing are more and more developed, and industrial waste gas emissions have become one of the most important air pollution factors, and urban air quality has decreased. Severe air pollution can easily cause serious physical damage to the human body, especially children. Living in an environment with air pollution for a long time will increase the probability of cancer in the human body. Controlling air pollution has always been an environmental issue that all countries are concerned about.

Industrial waste gas not only affects people's normal life, but also causes environmental pollution to the environment. Therefore, industrial waste gas treatment equipment has also received the attention and promotion of governments at all levels.

industrial air scrubbers

Many waste gases such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides caused by industrial processing are harmful to human body, including VOC organic chemical waste gas, which is a strong carcinogen. The exhaust gases emitted by these industries are all acidic or alkaline. If these exhaust gases are directly discharged, it is easy to cause acid rain and urban smog.

Industrial waste gas treatment equipment is divided into various types: UV photolysis, high temperature catalysis, spray adsorption. Different exhaust gas equipment needs to be selected for different exhaust gas types. Among them, spray adsorption (wet scrubber) is the most widely used equipment. The wet scrubber mainly absorbs harmful waste gas through the neutralization reaction of liquid and gas. The equipment is simple to install, low in operating cost, and the purification efficiency is as high as 94%. %.

For the waste smoke caused by welding and cutting, soldering factory area, VOC caused by paint, galvanizing, baking paint, indoor formaldehyde, triphenyl hazardous waste gas, odorous gas caused by vulcanized rubber and plastic manufacturing, chemical factory, pharmaceutical industry All kinds of harmful and harmful gas industrial waste gas treatment equipment wet scrubbers can operate effectively.

In addition, industrial waste gas treatment equipment also has the following two characteristics:

1. Reasonable configuration, compact type, moderate volume, light weight, long service life of selected materials, simple maintenance and low cost of application consumables.

2. Set up intelligent over-humidity overheating, short-circuit fault and other over-voltage protection equipment, with low frictional resistance, low noise, low energy consumption, high reliability, and high efficiency of waste gas treatment. The actual situation on the spot design, installation, improve the environment.

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