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The impact of COVID-19 delta virus on the global economy

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Delta strain has become a mainstream strain in the world. Data show that 96% of new cases in the UK are infected with the Delta strain, and the number of cases is still rising. The "Delta" variant is further mutated to derive the "Delta+" or "AY.1" variant. Initial data indicated that the Delta+ variant showed signs of resistance to monoclonal "antibody cocktail therapy". India’s Central Drug Standards Monitoring Agency (CDSCO) recently approved the use of “antibody cocktail therapy” to treat COVID-19. The "Delta" variant spreads rapidly around the world, which worries the WHO. The delta strain is not only one of the COVID-19 heterogeneous viruses that have been marked by the WHO as a "need attention", but it is also becoming the main epidemic strain in the global COVID-19 epidemic. On June 23, 2021, according to data from the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) headquartered in Sweden, the "Delta" variant strain accounted for 90% of all new coronavirus cases in the EU. Amon, director of the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the "delta" variant strain is more infectious than other strains, and it is estimated that it accounted for 90% of the (new cases) at the end of August.

Most of the new cases in a single day in the United States are Delta strains, and the number of new cases in the United States has dropped to several thousand in a single day, and has recently climbed to 50,000 cases in a single day.

A new model from the University of Washington shows that as many as 60% of new COVID-19 cases in the United States have not been reported. The actual situation is that nearly one in five Americans has been infected with COVID-19. The lead author of this research report, Nicholas Irons, said: "This is the delta virus variant we are seeing now because it is highly infectious and rages in people who have not been vaccinated. If we don’t stay vigilant and don’t get as many vaccinations as possible, more deaths may still occur."

Delta virus has caused the global industrial chain and supply chain to be interrupted again, and the possibility of countries, cities, communities, and households in the world being closed again is sharply increasing. Originally, the United States was confident that the people would take off their masks, at least the vaccinated groups would take off their masks. At the same time, the economy will be completely liberalized, and the blockade order for shopping malls, restaurants, restaurants and other places will be completely lifted.

COVID-19 delta virus

I have noticed that global economic heavyweights have expressed concern about the impact of the delta strain on economic recovery. After attending the meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors in Italy, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that the United States is very worried that COVID-19 mutant viruses such as the delta strain may threaten economic recovery.

The market is still paying attention to the impact of the repeated COVID-19 epidemic on the prospects of economic recovery. The market is concerned that the spread of the COVID-19 delta mutant strain may lead to new lockdown measures and make the supply chain more strained. Increasing worries about the COVID-19 delta mutant strain, as well as concerns about economic growth, may challenge the U.S. stock market in the coming weeks. Fund managers are also awaiting guidance from the Fed this week, including policymakers’ outlook on inflation and when the central bank may begin to scale back its bond purchase program.

Under the situation that the global economy may be closed again under the influence of the delta strain, the risk of uncertainty in the investment market is unusually large. Investment markets such as stocks and futures markets that are highly transactional must be carefully considered. At present, the main focus is to wait and see. Do not intervene or over-trading for the time being. Conservative gold markets, digital currency markets, etc. can only be invested in small amounts. Because after the Asian stock market crash, if the U.S. stock market also follows a crash, a new round of financial risks may come, and value-preserving assets will not escape the fate of the crash.

In the case of delta strains and global natural disasters ensuing, the investment market is not flat, with high risks and many variables. It is advisable for the general working class to invest in conservative financial products, especially commercial bank financial products with a national credit backing. . None of this is very safe, you must keep a clear head.

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