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The exhaust gas treatment method of painting

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Before dealing with painting exhaust gas, we must first understand the concentration content of the exhaust gas and the type of exhaust gas. Generally, paint exhaust gas is divided into: oily paint, metallic paint, water-based paint, UV paint and so on. Take oil paint as an example:

1. First, design the supporting exhaust gas treatment equipment according to the exhaust gas concentration of the oil-based paint, the air volume of the fan, or the size and quantity of the painting equipment (for example: spray paint water curtain cabinet).

2. Recommended equipment commonly used for painting exhaust gas:

Swirl tower + packing spray tower + pressurized fan

3. Spray paint exhaust gas treatment process

The exhaust gas enters the cyclone tower through the collected main air pipe, where the first treatment process is carried out in the cyclone tower, and then enters the packing spray tower from the air outlet at the top of the cyclone tower through the S-bend air pipe for the second treatment process. Finally, the air duct enters the pressurized fan.

4. Notes

(1) The cyclone tower needs to add paint cleaning agent to prevent the spray paint waste gas liquid from sticking to the equipment. Paint is a viscous oily paint. It can firmly cover the surface of the object and form a solid film with certain strength, firm adhesion, and continuous. The film thus formed is generally called a coating film or coating. To clean up the stained paint on the equipment, you need to use a special paint cleaner. After the equipment runs normally for about a week, there will be a lot of paint residue in the cyclone tower, so the cyclone tower needs to be cleaned regularly. A/B suspending agent can be added in the tower, each time adding one kilogram of A/B agent, the paint residue will surface in the water tank after a few hours of operation, which is convenient for cleaning and treating floating objects in the water tank. In order to prevent floating objects from blocking the filter plate and causing the pump to fail to run in time, the filter plate cannot be taken out to clean the filter plate.

(2) Packing spray tower needs to add deodorant. The chemicals added to the two towers are triethanolamine and dimethylformamide.

(3) The first time to add the medicine is to add water: medicine=100%:1%, or use the PH test paper to test the medicine box, and the concentration in the box can reach about 7-9.

Note: Xicheng waste gas treatment equipment is custom-designed according to factors such as different waste gas, air volume and concentration. Therefore, if you change the accessories or scrubbers without permission, and use other brands of products, if you fail to meet the exhaust gas treatment standards, you will be responsible for the consequences.

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