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The difference between vertical wet scrubber and horizontal wet scrubber

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A new type of environmental protection equipment-acid mist scrubber, played an important role in waste gas treatment. Many people know that the acid mist scrubbers we often talk about are divided into two types, vertical and horizontal. Is there any difference between these two towers? Let's take everyone to understand.

Vertical wet scrubbers are what we often call spray towers and acid mist purification towers. The overall shape is cylindrical, with one above and one below the air outlet, and a rectangular water tank at the bottom of the spray tower.

High efficiency Spray tower

The horizontal wet scrubber has a rectangular shape as a whole, and the lower water tank is much larger than that of the vertical scrubber. The upper part is the purification system device, and the air outlets are on the left and right sides.

Custom horizontal-ammonia scrubber

The purification effect and working principle of these two towers are the same, the main difference is here:

1. Compared with the horizontal wet scrubber, the vertical scrubber requires less installation site and does not occupy space. This is one of the differences.

2. The overflow pipe of the horizontal wet scrubber is horizontal, while the overflow pipe of the vertical scrubber is vertical. From this point of detail, it can be seen that the spray device systems of the two towers are different. The spray system of the vertical scrubber uses countercurrent spray, and the spray device of the horizontal scrubber uses intercepted spray.

3. In terms of cost, the cost of a horizontal scrubber is about 1.5 times higher than that of a vertical scrubber. Mainly because the structure of the horizontal scrubber is relatively complicated, the materials used are more, the production is more difficult, and the design requirements are high and more refined. In addition, in the production process, the production cycle of the horizontal scrubber is relatively longer than that of the vertical scrubber in the process of designing, cutting, processing, assembling, and forming a system. The reason for the price may be that vertical scrubbers are more widely used in the market.

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