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The difference between environmentally friendly plastics and recycled plastics

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Environmentally friendly plastics are a big concept. For example, the production of raw materials is environmentally friendly. It can be called environmentally friendly plastics. Recycling waste plastics to reduce the generation of plastic waste. It is also called environmentally friendly plastics or recycled plastics. It breaks the difficulty of ordinary plastic bags. Disadvantages, also known as environmentally friendly plastics. What is the difference between these three?

Produce environmentally friendly plastics with environmentally friendly raw materials

The production raw materials are environmentally friendly. As the name implies, in the production process, in addition to the use of plastic substrates, no waste plastics and other harmful substances are added. Decomposable plastic products belong to this kind of environmentally friendly plastics. They use pure natural materials, such as plant starch, fiber and other renewable materials. The produced plastic products are non-toxic and non-irritating. They are accelerated by light/thermal oxidation and environmental microorganisms. Decomposed into water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter, and returned to the ecological circle to achieve complete decomposition.

Recycled plastic type environmentally friendly plastic

It is said that garbage is a misplaced resource, but now many cities are facing the crisis of being surrounded by garbage. Recycled plastic is like a retrograde in the industry. By recycling plastic products with recycling value, such as beverage bottles, discarded food bags, plastic basins, etc., through special techniques and prescriptions, garbage can be turned into mechanical parts, parts or other Living utensils. Commonly used recycled plastics are PP polypropylene, PVC polyethylene and so on.

However, the technology of recycled plastics is complex and the cost is low. Some businesses use false entry, and there are unqualified plastic products on the market. For example, when we get plastic products, there is a pungent smell. For example, by just looking at a plastic bag, there may be a lot of black particles. These may mean that this plastic product is made of waste plastic. Therefore, in daily life, in order not to bring harmful substances to the human body, it is necessary to avoid recycled plastics into food as much as possible, and choose plastic products made of food-grade plastic substrates. While protecting ourselves, we must also protect our common home, giving priority to degradable and environmentally friendly plastic products.

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