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Tellerette scrubber packings product introduction

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Tellerette scrubber packing is a high-efficiency plastic column packing designed for use in wet scrubbers, cooling towers, mist eliminators, absorbers and gas strippers.

They provide the same surface area as many other fillers but with greater liquid surface availability. There are many times more interstitial stagnation points than other fillers, which has the effect of constantly generating fresh liquid surface area, which is the key to high-quality transfer between the gas and liquid phases.

  • Wet scrubbers for gas absorption

  • cooling towers for heat transfer

  • Mist Eliminators for Liquid Particle Removal

  • gas absorption tower

  • gas stripper

  • Air washer

Tellerette Packing -2

Key Features and Benefits

Better mass transfer

Due to the shape with many interstitial points, the liquid surface area is continuously regenerated and has been found to be more important for mass transfer than surface area alone. The design continuously updates the liquid surface without additional energy costs. This promotes high gas absorption efficiency due to this natural accumulation/dispersion cycle, which continuously exposes the fresh liquid surface area to the gas flow.

Better particle collection

The unique filamentary annular helical shape is designed to use inertial impact to collect solid and liquid particles. Tellerette packing is effective for high solids loadings because the open filament shape eliminates orifices where solids can fall and accumulate. Tellerette packing is also an effective mist eliminator after wet scrubbers.

Low pressure drop

The open filament shape of Tellerette packing minimizes

Packed bed airflow restriction, thereby minimizing gas pressure drop and energy consumption.

Random packaging

Tellerettepacking is placed in containers by random pouring, minimizing installation time.

No liquid redistributor required

Given a proper initial liquid distribution, such as with a full cone nozzle, the liquid is not directed to the sides, so there is no need for a liquid redistributor halfway through the column.

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