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Spray tower packing - multi-faceted hollow ball

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The multi-faceted hollow sphere is a new type of high-efficiency tower packing widely used in waste gas treatment projects. It is used in domestic electric power, chemical, paper, environmental protection, and other industries in decarbonization, degassing, decarbonization, oil-water separation, seawater desalination, pure water, and wastewater treatment. And other devices.

Product advantages: advanced design, reasonable structure, stable performance, ideal use effect.

Technical performance: lightweight, high strength, ample free space, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good surface hydrophilicity, low wind resistance, multiple blades, high gas velocity, large total wet specific surface area, and application of various solutions. The product is easy to transport and is suitable for a variety of processing equipment.

Product Name: Multi-faceted Hollow Ball Packing

Product specifications: Φ50 mm

Wet scrubber packing

product description:

1. The multi-faceted hollow ball is made of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene and molded by high-temperature padding. In the middle of the ball, there is a reinforcement ring along the entire circumference. Radial arrangement.

2. It has a long gas velocity, many blades, and low resistance. There are twelve petals on the upper and lower sides of the surface ring, arranged radially along the central axis.

3. It has the characteristics of long gas velocity, many blades, low resistance, large specific surface area, high mass transfer efficiency, large product empty surface, lightweight, high strength, convenient installation, can fully solve the gas-liquid exchange and robust operation. , It is widely used in environmental protection equipment such as dechlorination, oxygen removal, carbon dioxide removal and degassing towers, ozone contact reaction towers, acid mist purification towers, and water spray dust collectors.

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