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Spray Tower - Wet Scrubber

High-efficiency spray tower is also called wet scrubber. It can be used for waste gas treatment in pharmaceutical factories and printing factories. The purification efficiency is high, and the application field is wide.
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product description

High-efficiency spray tower wet scrubber: The contact between gas and liquid is used to transfer the pollutants in the gas to the liquid, and then the clean gas is separated from the contaminated liquid to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.

Equipment introduction:

The waste gas passes through the high-efficiency spray tower and is treated by gas-liquid reverse absorption, that is, the liquid is sprayed down in the form of mist (or small droplets) from the top of the tower. The exhaust gas flows from the tower body (countercurrent flow) to achieve the purpose of gas-liquid contact. This treatment can cool the exhaust gas, condition the gas and remove particles, and then pass through the mist removal section before being discharged into the atmosphere.

Structure and working principle


The structure of PP gas scrubber is:

1. Washing tower spray system

2. Filling layer filler

3. Medicine storage tank

4. Inspection window and maintenance access hole

5. Water level control device of circulating water tank

6. Pressure gauge

Packing layer inside plastic scrubber


The high-efficiency spray tower system and fan unit suck the collected waste gas into the acid mist scrubber, and flow through the filling layer (gas/liquid contact reaction medium), so that the waste gas is in full contact with the liquid medicine (washing liquid) flowing on the surface of the filling , In order to absorb the acidic or alkaline dirt contained in the exhaust gas. After washing, the waste liquid is collected in the sump, and then discharged to the wastewater system for treatment.

Features of this equipment:

1. The water-washing waste gas treatment system is cheap and the treatment method is simple.

2. The vertical structure is most suitable for installation in economical space.

3. It can be used for the treatment of various harmful gases such as H2S, SOX, NOX, HCI, NH3, CI2 and other gases.

Technical Parameter Table :

Air volume
Drain outlet
Water tank
Inlet and 
outlet size
3000 800    8    DN32 600*700*H700      315 0.75 500
5000 1000    8    DN40 600*800*H700      400  1.5  500
8000 1200    8    DN40 600*1000*H700      500  2.2 500
10000 1500   10    DN40 700*1000*H700       550  2.2 500
12000 1600   10    DN50 700*1000*H700      600 3.75 500
15000 1800   10    DN50 700*1200*H700      650 3.75 500
20000 2000   10    DN50 700*1200*H700      750  5.5 500
25000 2200   10    DN50 700*1200*H700      950  5.5 600
30000 2500   12    DN65 700*1200*H700     1000  5.5 600
35000 2700   12    DN65 1000*700*H700     1100 7.5 600
40000 2900   12    DN65 1000*700*H700     1200 7.5 600
45000 3000   12    DN65 1000*700*H700     1250  7.5 600

1.This form is a common size and we can customize different sizes and requirements according to your needs.
2.The material is polypropylene.
3.Equipment design wind speed 1.8m/s



Form Name

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