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So2 Scrubber

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) scrubber is a common waste gas treatment equipment, which can effectively separate SO2 and harmful gas components in waste gas.
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Sulfur dioxide So2 is the most common sulfur oxide. Colorless gas with strong pungent odor. One of the major air pollutants. These gases are ejected during volcanic eruptions and are also produced in many industrial processes. Since both coal and petroleum typically contain sulfur compounds, they are formed when burned. When dissolved in water, it forms sulfurous acid (the main component of acid rain). If SO2 is further oxidized, usually in the presence of a catalyst such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfuric acid is formed. This is one reason for concern about the environmental effects of using these fuels as energy sources.

Industrial waste gas hazards:

Industrial waste gas organic and other hazards to the human body are manifold, and the toxicity of organic waste gas varies from industry to industry. Among them, benzene organic compounds mostly damage the human central nervous system and cause nervous system disorders. When the concentration of benzene vapor is too high (the air content is as high as 2%), it can cause fatal acute poisoning, and the organic compounds of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have strong carcinogenicity.

SO2 removal process

By injecting dry sorbent in the pipe upstream of the filter, additional particles from the sorbent are easily captured along with other contaminants. The SO2 removal reaction takes place in the pipeline before the filter and at the filter cake that accumulates on the filter surface.

The reaction of the sorbent with the acid gas produces solid particles that are also captured on the filter along with unreacted sorbent and process particles.

With dry sorbent injection, SO2 removal is typically 90% or higher, with removal efficiencies as high as 97%. HCl removal is typically 95% and often as high as 99%. The temperature range for effective removal is 300°F to 1500°F.

Application of So2 Scrubber:

Painting plants, factory workshops, furniture factories, sewage treatment plants, printing workshops that produce organic solvent waste gas such as benzene, lipids, ketones, and inorganic waste gas such as hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid mist, and oxychloride Factory workshop etc. It is suitable for the purification of spray exhaust gas, organic waste gas, furniture factory waste gas treatment, malodorous gas, chemical plant waste gas treatment, sewage treatment plant waste gas treatment, printing plant waste gas treatment, inorganic waste gas and other high-volume industrial waste gas purification.



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