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Remove Polluted Gas for Industrial Wet Scrubber Systems

Horizontal spray tower purification system and vertical spray tower is the same, the design is to take two layers of spray and a fog removal of the internal purification system. Horizontal washing towers are horizontally laid out for use in projects or companies that are highly restricted and spacious.In addition, the volume of the water tank and the general volume of horizontal washing tower tower length is equal, because it is placed horizontally and laterally to spray water pump power generally is slightly larger than the vertical spray tower is a little bit more reasonable(Of course, the tower is not very large, the case can also be selected with vertical spray tower, the same power pump is also possible, must not be less than the original standard power, otherwise it will have an impact on the purification effect)。Can handle the types of waste gas: acid mist, dust, industrial waste gas treatment covers more than 90%.
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Product Description  

 Purification tower is a new kind of industrial waste gas treatment equipment, which adopts new PP material (polypropylene). It is improved on the basis of floating packing layer and industrial waste gas purifier. It is widely used in the pretreatment of industrial waste gas treatment and dust removal,The purification effect is very good. It is the most common and practical treatment equipment in the treatment of acid and alkali waste gas .


Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment - Washing Tower Parameter
Air volume(m³/h) Size(mm) THK(mm) Drain Outlet(mm) Water Tank Size(mm) Inlet and Outlet Size(mm) Pump(kw) Wind Resistance(Pa)
3000 800   8   DN32 600*700*H700     315 0.75 500
5000 1000   8   DN40 600*800*H700     400 1.5 500
8000 1200   8   DN40 600*1000*H700     500 2.2 500
10000 1500  10   DN40 700*1000*H700     550 2.2 500
12000 1600  10   DN50 700*1000*H700     600 3.75 500
15000 1800  10   DN50 700*1200*H700     650 3.75 500
20000 2000  10   DN50 700*1200*H700     750 5.5 500
25000 2200  10   DN50 700*1200*H700     950 5.5 600
30000 2500  12   DN65 700*1200*H700    1000 5.5 600
35000 2700  12   DN65 1000*700*H700    1100 7.5 600
40000 2900  12   DN65 1000*700*H700    1200 7.5 600
45000 3000  12   DN65 1000*700*H700    1250 7.5 600
1.This form is a common size and we can customize different sizes and requirements according to your needs.
2.The material is polypropylene.
3.Equipment design wind speed 1.8m/s



1. the utility model has the advantages of simple structure  
2. low energy consumption and high purification efficiency.  
3. It Can effectively remove HCL, HF, NH3, H2SO4, CrO3, HCN, NAOH, H2S, HCHO and other water-soluble gas effectively.  
Working principle:  

   spraying through the water circulation, the gas rises from below, and the water circulates from top to bottom. Filter dust and impurities from the water. The waste gas is treated by neutralizing the syrup and water. More than 90% of the exhaust gas used by the scrubber is effective, and the most effective ones are dust and acid-base gases.


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