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Properties and applications of flame retardant polypropylene PP

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PP plastic has the characteristics of low density, non-toxic and colorless, no odor, corrosion resistance and good heat resistance. Through flame retardant modification, it can be used in parts that have flame retardant requirements in the fields of home appliances and automobiles to meet the use requirements of electrical products. , while achieving the optimal economic effect.

Halogen-free flame retardant PP material produces less smoke, low density, low cost, and produces less toxic and corrosive gases when burning. High glow wire and high CTI flame retardant PP plastics are widely used in LED lamp housings, capacitor housings, electrical structural parts, microwave oven internal brackets, power strip housings, heater housings and other electrical appliances.

The technology of flame retardant PP plastic is now approaching maturity and is widely used in electronic appliances, home appliances, automobiles and other industries. Base, terminal block, home appliance shell, microwave oven shell, induction cooker shell, motor base, washing machine parts, electric iron parts, electric oven parts, etc.

Flame Retardant Polypropylene Sheet

PP flame retardant board is a new type of plastic board, and flame retardant is added to the production of ordinary PP board. The main feature is that the flame retardant PP board that burns at high temperature will immediately extinguish the flame after leaving the fire source, preventing the spread of the flame and the occurrence of fire. Compared with PVC sheet, polypropylene sheet is lighter, easy to process, easy to weld, and does not produce harmful gases when burned.

Application of flame retardant PP sheet:

  • Construction and building materials: Flame retardant PP sheets are used in construction and building materials such as wall cladding, roofing, and insulation. They help improve the fire resistance of structures, reducing the risk of fire propagation within buildings.

  • Electrical and electronic components: PP sheets with flame retardant properties are used in electrical and electronic equipment to protect against potential fire hazards. They are used in electrical enclosures, switchgear cabinets, and other components where fire safety is essential.

  • Automotive industry: Flame retardant PP sheets find application in the automotive sector for interior components such as door panels, dashboard components, and trim parts. Their fire-resistant properties help enhance the safety of vehicle occupants.

  • Transportation and aerospace: Flame retardant PP sheets are used in the transportation and aerospace industries for various applications, including vehicle interiors, aircraft cabin components, and rail transportation parts.

  • Furniture and upholstery: Flame retardant PP sheets are used in the manufacturing of flame-resistant furniture and upholstery, reducing the risk of fires in domestic and commercial settings.

  • Packaging: PP sheets with flame retardant properties are used in packaging materials, particularly for hazardous or flammable goods, to prevent fire accidents during storage and transportation.

  • Medical equipment: Flame retardant PP sheets are used in medical equipment and devices, ensuring that the equipment remains safe and functional even in critical situations.

  • Signage and advertising: Flame retardant PP sheets are used to create fire-safe signage and advertising materials, especially in public spaces and commercial buildings.

Properties and applications of flame retardant polypropylene PP

It is essential to select the appropriate flame retardant PP sheet based on the specific application and fire safety requirements. Different flame retardant additives and formulations can provide varying levels of fire resistance, so consulting with manufacturers or industry experts is recommended to ensure the best product for a particular use case.

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