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Product introduction of sulfur dioxide scrubber

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The working principle of sulfur dioxide scrubber:

After the flue gas is dedusted, it enters the tower body from the upper part of the slurry pool through the inlet area of the sulfur dioxide scrubbing tower. In the scrubbing tower, the hot flue gas countercurrently contacts the top-down slurry (circulating jet) for chemical absorption reaction and is condensed. . The added limestone slurry is transported to the washing tower by the limestone slurry pump, mixed with the slurry in the washing tower, and the mixed slurry is transported upward by the circulating pump and ejected from the multi-layer nozzle. The slurry absorbs sulfur oxides (SOx) and other acidic substances from the flue gas, and the sulfur oxides (SOx) react with calcium carbonate in the liquid phase to form calcium sulfite.

The desulfurization tower can be divided into two parts from top to bottom: the absorption zone and the oxidation crystallization zone: the upper absorption zone has a higher pH value, which is conducive to the absorption of acidic substances such as SO2; the lower oxidation zone operates at a low pH value, which is conducive to the dissolution of limestone and generation of by-products. The gypsum slurry discharged from the washing tower is concentrated and dehydrated to make the water content less than 10 to generate gypsum products. The flue gas after desulfurization goes through the mist eliminator to remove mist droplets in turn, and then goes through the heat exchanger or heater to heat up, and then is discharged into the atmosphere from the chimney. Since the absorbent slurry in the washing tower is repeatedly circulated and contacted with the flue gas through the circulating pump, the utilization rate of the absorbent is very high.

The working principle of sulfur dioxide scrubber

High desulfurization and dust removal efficiency:

The flue gas passes through the mass transfer layer, which increases the contact surface between the flue gas and the aqueous solution, accelerates the full dissolution and neutralization of the flue gas and the spray water, and improves the dust removal, desulfurization and dust removal efficiency of the dust collector. The dust removal efficiency is above 98, and the desulfurization efficiency is above 89. This is rare in domestic wet dust removal. After using the dust collector, the coal-fired boiler is fully qualified to be used in the first-class area.

Good gas-water separation effect:

The desulfurized and dust-removed waste gas passes through the high-speed cyclone separator, and the flue gas and water mist are separated by the high-speed cyclone.

Swirl plate of sulfur dioxide scrubber

The sulfur dioxide scrubbing tower adopts the spray tower as the absorption tower, which has the advantages of large gas-liquid flow, pressure drop, wide operation flexibility, not easy to block, and stable efficiency.

The main reaction principle of absorption tower desulfurization is as follows:

1. Absorb

In the absorption tower, SO2 and SO3 in the flue gas are absorbed by the water in the solution according to the following reaction formula:



2. Neutralization reaction

H2SO3 and H2SO4 must be quickly neutralized to ensure the absorption of SO2 and SO3.

H2SO3, H2SO4, HCl and HF react with the base in the suspension according to the following reaction formula:





3. Side reactions

The amount of oxygen contained in the flue gas will oxidize the sodium sulfite (Na2SO3) generated in the desulfurization reaction to sodium sulfate (Na2SO4):


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